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Memorable Online Slots 

Over the last several decades the worldwide gambling community has been treated to all manner of new games, and as a result there has literally never been a better time to be a passionate gambler then in the 21st century. Just think about it: over the last twenty years in particular online casino has gone from strength to strength, which has in turn allowed far more budding gamblers to try their luck at games like roulette, blackjack and slots – visit Wizard Slots.

Indeed, online slots are without a doubt the main reason behind the continued dominance of the online casino industry, especially seeing as they are now by far the most played gambling games in the world. There are so many different reasons why online slots have become so immensely popular over the years, and we thought a great way to try and exemplify this is through listing some of the most memorable online slots of all time. 

What makes a memorable online slot? 

First things first though: what actually makes a memorable slot? There are all sorts of factors that come into play when considering what makes a memorable online slot, and in actuality a lot of these are subjective too. Regardless, there are also undoubtedly a good few things that are essential to making a memorable online slot. Here are a few examples: 

  •       Smooth and beautiful gameplay: Let’s be honest: if a developer cannot create an online slot that plays immensely smoothly and also looks scintillating in 2021 then it certainly won’t be that memorable. In order for slots to be truly memorable these days you need to get the basics right, and smooth HD gameplay is one of the most important of these basics.
  •       Exciting bonus rounds: Another hallmark of the modern online slots world are exciting and downright lucrative bonus rounds. The most memorable slots will all have genuinely exciting bonus rounds, and gamblers will be able to win a hefty amount of cash from these too. Bonus rounds are also the best place for slot developers to make their games stand out from the rest!
  •       Interesting theme: After several decades of slot games the classic themes that we all know and love can get a little boring, so it is essential for developers to come up with interesting new themes if they want their slots to carry on becoming memorable games.

Top-tier online slot developers 

So, that is a little bit about what makes a memorable slot game, but what about the people that make them? Take a look at some of these top-tier online slot developers – if you are looking to find a memorable slot game to play these are your best bet: 

  •       Big Time Gaming: Big Time Gaming have been enjoying a lot of success over the last few years, and it is all a result of their fascinating determination to innovate as much as they possibly can with their games.
  •       Inspired Gaming: Inspired Gaming aren’t that prolific when it comes to releasing online slots, but when they do their games are almost always memorable.

Some of the most memorable online slots from over the years 

Here are some of the most memorable online slots from over the years:

  •       Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix
  •       Centurion
  •       Starburst