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M8Bet – Asia Most Trusted Online Sportsbook

M8Bet is one of Asia’s leading and most trusted online sportsbooks. Bettors, gamers, and punters from Asia and across the globe prefer using M8Bet as a primary betting provider because of the range of betting options offered, some of the best odds in the industry, several in-play betting markets, multiple payments and withdrawal options, bonuses, and higher payouts. 

M8Bet is registered, licensed, and regulated since 2012 by First Cagayan in the Philippines. Over the past few years, M8Bet has included more gaming and betting services, attracted more players and bettors, and grown in operations and revenue. Payments processed on the platform are secure and made promptly, making M8Bet Asia’s most trusted online sportsbook. 

M8Bet Gaming and Betting Services

M8Bet has a wide range of gaming and betting services that include sports betting, Esports betting, live casino, slot games, lottery betting, and more. 

  1. Sports Betting – Bettors have a wide range of sports betting options that feature football betting, basketball betting, etc. Gamers have access to all the famous betting leagues and tournaments and betting on less popular or familiar leagues. Punters have access to several sports betting markets such as the 1×2 betting market, the over/under betting market, Asian Handicap, Parlay, Double chance, First to score, Both to score, and much more. 
  2. Esports Betting – Bettors and gaming fans can take part in Esports betting action on M8Bet. Punters have access to Esports betting markets from several leagues and tournaments across the globe that features games such as FIFA 21, League of Legends, Vain Glory, DOTA 2, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and several other titles with top gamers competing against each other in highly competitive online games. 
  3. Live Casino – Casino lovers have access to live casino games with a live dealer, in-play features, chat options, and much more. Casino players can play online blackjack, online roulette, online poker, online baccarat, and other online versions of traditional casino games. Casino gamers also have access to a wide range of bonus options.  
  4. Lottery Betting – Lottery betting fans have access to several lottery betting options every day. A user can buy a lottery ticket online and stand to win a mega jackpot and several runner-up prizes. 
  5. Slot Games – Online slot players have access to over 200 online slot games, with more new titles added to the M8Bet gaming library regularly. Online slot games allow punters to win free spins, bonuses, and incentives while playing video slots, multi-reel slots, fruit machines, classic slots, and other engaging online games. 

M8Bet Features

Some of the features of M8Bet include access to bonuses, multiple betting markets, and more:

  1. Welcome bonus – Gamers and bettors signing up with the platform for the first time can take advantage of a welcome bonus when making a first bet or wager. Members get a 100% welcome bonus from the M8Bet sportsbook on the Rescuebet platform (up to USD250 or MYR500). 
  2. Trusted – M8Bet is one of the most trusted online betting platforms among Asian punters. M8Bet is registered with the appropriate gaming authorities, and every transaction on the platform is secure, which gives the platform a high vote of confidence. Members who win are ensured no cancellations after a match, thus making their winnings wholly secured. 
  3. Access to betting markets – Punters have access to various betting markets within a particular bet. For example, a bettor can place a wager on a game in Japan’s J1 or J2 League and gain access to competitive odds and unique betting markets within a game or league. A punter can then make a wager on one or several betting markets from within the game, such as first to score, both teams to score, win, draw, most goals, cards, corners, etc. 
  4. A variety of gaming options – Gamers have various gaming options with over 800 sporting events to bet on updated every day. Punters never run out of events to bet on, nor do they run out of betting markets within a betting event. Punters have access to Esports betting, sports betting, and casino games from famous and lesser-known leagues. 
  5. Multiple payments and withdrawal options – Members have multiple payment options in terms of currencies used to make wagers or payments. M8Bet accepts most currencies which also includes bitcoin. Members can choose to withdraw money to their wallets in multiple currencies as well. The numerous payments and withdrawal feature enables punters to access M8Bet from across the globe at any time.