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List of Recommended Farewell Gifts for Bosses

The more attractive the prize will give a deeper impression for the recipient of the gift. When you get the task of looking for a farewell gift for your boss, it certainly can’t be said to be easy or difficult.

There are many corporate gifts options to choose from. Well, for those who are still confused about what farewell gift to prepare, here is the inspiration for farewell gifts that can be given:

1. Caricature

Farewell gift inspiration for superiors, for example, you have good design and drawing skills, can be used to make caricatures. If you want to be more practical, you can find many caricature drawing services today.

Make it in poster size or A3 paper so that it is suitable as room interior accessories. That way, those who are given this gift of memory will easily remember it.

2. Custom Notebook

Some people are more comfortable writing notes using a book, although now there are many digital applications. Well, a notebook or costume journal can be used as a farewell gift. Create an attractive book cover design and have meaning behind it. So that when the boss sees the book, it can be memorable and certainly useful.

3. Office and Desk Storage

A farewell gift that is sure to come in handy is a desktop organizer to keep stationary items, cell phones and keys in one place. Since a farewell gift is a symbol of saying goodbye, it will come in handy in your new boss’s new office. Choose a design according to what your boss likes, so as to make his workspace seem optimal.

4. Custom Table Name Plate

Gifts of how many custom table name plaques as well as business cards and stamps may be very useful. You can place an order with the design you want and the process doesn’t take long.

This gift will certainly be installed on the new desk where your boss works. The table name plaque also signifies appreciation for the dedication that has been given.

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser

A farewell gift that may seem casual, but provides significant benefits is a good idea. Essential oil diffuser is a farewell gift inspiration for a boss that you can choose from.

The diffuser not only creates a fragrant aroma from the diffused vapors, but also brings health and hygiene benefits in the room. Of course, this gift will give special meaning to your boss.

6. Mousepad

You can give a farewell gift with a mouse on for home and office. A simple gift but your boss will love it.

Of course, this mouse pad should not be twisted arbitrarily. Be sure to choose one that perfectly matches your boss’s style. For office workers who often work overtime deadlines, this gift is very useful to support work activities.

7. Ornamental Plants

Finding gifts for professionals or workaholics can be challenging. You don’t have to buy anything super special, but choose one that works. For example, small ornamental plants that can be placed indoors.

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