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Link Building and App Store Optimization – How Are They Related?

Despite the fact that backlinks have never been explicitly mentioned in Google’s app store algorithm, it is a widely held assumption that apps with more backlinks will rank better than those without. In fact, the amount of backlinks that an app receives can make or break its ranking in the app store. This article will explain the importance of backlinks in app store optimization, as well as how to use them to your benefit.


While the Apple App Store does not consider backlinks relevant, Google’s algorithm does. In fact, there are several credible case studies confirming a strong correlation between buy guest post backlinks and Google Play ranking. Google uses an algorithm called PageRank to rank websites based on how many other websites link to them. In other words, it views each backlink as a vote of confidence. Hence, more backlinks mean higher ranking for an app.

Apart from link building, you can also use the press release technique. Press release distribution is a powerful way to boost your app’s rankings on Google Play. Press releases also help improve backlinks. While there are plenty of tricks to increase installs, the most effective way is to focus on good, useful content. To achieve this, you should have a website or blog and include a link to your own Play Store URL in your content.

Keywords in the title

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, you need to make use of the power of keywords in the title of your links. Unlike website content, keywords in the title of an app are much more valuable. Using the app title as a keyword rich ad will improve your ranking in the app store. Keyword-rich ad titles have the potential to increase your traffic, especially if your app has a high number of downloads.

One thing you should keep in mind is that keyword-rich titles will have a better chance of being ranked on Google. This is especially true in ASO, where the keyword-rich title is more likely to rank high. While app titles should be short, there should be no more than 100 characters. You can use spaces to separate words within a keyword phrase. Keep in mind that your keywords need to be descriptive of the app’s features, functionality, and target audience.

Exact match

When it comes to link building, you’ve probably already heard about the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization. While this is true, backlinks don’t directly affect app store optimization, they can affect other factors that determine app ranking. App store and Google Play store rankings are heavily influenced by install volume. Getting more downloads can boost the install volume metric, and that can have a dramatic effect on your app’s ranking. White label link building service is beneficial for your site.

No match

While link building is a must-do for search engine optimization, a recent case study by YellowHEAD revealed that backlinks do not directly impact app store optimization (ASO) rankings. However, backlinks can indirectly influence other ASO ranking factors. The number of downloads an app receives is one metric that can be affected by backlinks. Therefore, app store optimization is an important aspect of SEO.


Rankings in the App Store is a vital aspect of any digital marketing strategy. But many teams overlook this crucial component. In order to get your app to rank in the app store, you must optimize your product for the stores. Here are a few tips to help you improve your rankings. Read on to find out which factors are important for app store optimization. And remember: don’t neglect to optimize your app’s reviews and ratings!

Links matter in search results. But they do not always work for app store optimization. Links are very important for all online content, whether it’s websites or apps. Links from social media websites are much better than published links. So, it’s important to make sure your links are relevant to the app’s content. However, link building does not have to be difficult. Follow these tips to make your app get noticed in the App Store.


Getting positive reviews of your app is essential for app store optimization. Users tend to give positive feedback to a product when they have a positive experience. Review requests should be timed to be more likely to result in positive reviews. Make sure your app description is filled with keywords and includes content about your app. Relevant keywords will help it rank higher in search results. Having a clear explanation of the features and benefits of your app will encourage more downloads.

Besides positive reviews, you should also build links to your app’s website. The more backlinks your app has, the higher its rank on the app store. Link building is an effective SEO strategy for mobile apps, too. Developing links is crucial for app store optimization, but it is not as simple as getting high-quality backlinks. Besides, your app needs to be updated regularly to increase download volume and improve its visibility. You can easily Publish your article on bestsportspoint.com.