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Life Jackets: A Guide to Find the Perfect Size

You’ve scoured through every thought and possibility to go on a vacation. It’s time to stop overthinking and put your foot down. You’re going on a holiday! You will compensate for all the time you have spent at home with exciting activities like watersports.

You can’t think of playing with water and not having life jackets to protect you from accidents. You might have hopped shops to find yourself a good fit and finally gave up the idea. But not anymore!

Are you ready to swim through this article only to know how to find your perfect fit?

Why Do You Need a Life Jacket?

The purpose of a floating device or a life jacket is to protect you against any accident and save your life. Even if you are well aware of how to swim, a sudden gush of a stream can damage even before you can act on it. In fact, not wearing a life jacket increases your risk of drowning.

Even if you aren’t convinced yet, here are some reasons why you need a life jacket during any recreational activity.

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  • It absorbs the impact when you suddenly fall into the water.
  • It helps you keep everyone safe by setting an example.
  • While getting overwhelmed by a vast pool of water, your body needs to stay afloat, and wet, cold clothes are a hurdle.
  • You can never time an accident which will give you time to get prepared.

You might be a swimming champion or the quickest person on the planet. The moment water starts surrounding you everywhere, and your panic doesn’t let you move your limbs, life jackets keep you alive.

How to Find the Perfect Size?

The right size of your life jackets can make or break an experience.

Do you get worried before your vacation that a jacket will make you feel hot or constricted?

Here’s how you say no to worries before going for your life jacket hunt.

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Choose the Activity Type

Figuring out the activity and your participation in the same will help you with choosing the proper jacket. A heavy jacket in warm weather while boating in shallow depths of water will make you more uncomfortable.

Check for The Decent Fit

A jacket too small will create a problem for you in enjoying your day. At the same time, an oversized jacket can always slip off and be useless during an accident. Look for the varsity jacket which fits your weight group as per the manufacturer’s description. While trying it on, try to move your body and raise your hands. If it moves upwards beyond your chin, it’s not for you.

Look for Holes, Tears, Buckles and Fasteners

A life jacket serves as a floating device, and a hole can wreck your entire plan getting saved. The whole purpose of a life jacket is to protect your body with its firm grasp. If the buckles and fasteners are loose, your jacket will not protect you from cold or any impact.

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Creating the harrowing pictures in your head about accidents wouldn’t get you the correct size life jacket. It’s time to put your mind at ease and get yourself a life jacket that will fit your body and the occasion. Moreover, it is mandatory that you wear them and not have them stowed away.

Don’t wait up and float away!

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