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Learn about the Different Marijuana Strains and their Effects

There are many varieties and species of cannabis plants. For many years, marijuana growers were actively creating generations of marijuana strains through planned breeding. The motivation behind this was mainly to get hybrids from characteristics of various species f marijuana plant. Both medicinal and recreational marijuana undergoes the processes as the cultivators look to address a  specific need. Whether you want marijuana to cure a particular condition or wish to find weed for your birthday party, background information n the various strains will be beneficial. Read on to gain more insights and apply the information in your next marijuana purchase.

Learn the Basics

There are myths about the different cannabis plant species available. It is widespread knowledge among cannabis consumers that the Sativa type will give you an energetic feeling and improve your moods. They also identify the indica species as a relaxing product and is an ideal choice in the evening as it induces sleep. On the other, they consider a hybrid as a combination of both types. The user gets the cerebral and body high.

Due to the continuous legalization of weed across States, there is an increase in users across all ages and walks of life. However, the legislation often allows the sale to adults of 21 years and above. Due to the complex needs of the market, there is a need for high-quality and high-yielding plants, regardless of the strain of choice. There are several standards that cannabis from Seed Supreme undergo. As experienced growers, they have thousands of strands to consider for growing for commercial or personal use. You can choose from a lineage of plants spanning decades or the latest additions to the available ones.

What Research Says

Although the public opinion about the three marijuana species is widespread, studies explain the cause of variations to cannabis plants. It differs from the myths circulating among cannabis enthusiasts, and science tells us the truth. The effects are because of its components. Terpenes and cannabinoids are the most dominant compounds. The notion of marijuana species considered Sativa or Indica depends on its structural outlook and not its effect.

Selecting the Most Popular Strains

By large, you can classify cannabis into Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. In the next section, we will look in-depth at the various species and have valuable information for decision-making on the ideal strain to use.


Although the Indica plant has a relaxing feeling and makes you feel buzzy, not all strains under the species give the same feeling. However, most of them will make you feel a body high, making you sluggish in the movement. Consumers like it, especially because it indices sleep and beneficial on days you have insomnia.

Some of the typical reactions to consuming Indica species include sleepiness, excitement, and euphoria. At the same time, it gives you a relaxing feeling. Most individuals like to use it in the evening while relaxing at home and watching a movie. It will help you unwinds, and you will, after that, sleep peacefully.


It is common to feel energetic after consuming strands from the Sativa species. Similar to the Indica species, not all strains will give you the same feeling. On the other hand, as typically known, the majority will provide you with a cerebral high. It stimulates and keeps you alert on the head. It is an ideal species for individuals who have mental conditions like anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Apart from uplifting your spirits, Sativa strains give the consumer euphoria. Due to its effects, consumers prefer it during the day to increase productivity in their activities. It is also known to increase creativity in users and improve focus on what a person is undertaking.


When a grower breeds the Seed Supreme Indica and Sativa strains, they come up with a hybrid. In the modern environment, cultivators are interbreeding the plants in large quantities and separating the parent plant to create a lineage of hybrids. It is now challenging to find pure species as most of the products available are hybrids. Another factor that affects the composition and botany of the plants is the environmental factors. Things like soils and climate will affect the quality of products. It is why cannabis plants differ in their feeling if grown in different regions, regardless of whether the seeds were from a single strain.

Since hybrids are a combination of both species, the effect will come from both types of plants. It will make the user relax, feel energetic, uplift your moods, and make them happy at the same time. The traits will depend on the parent plant. It possesses strong genetics to a particular lineage of cannabis plant strains.

Finding the Right Strain for You

When looking to find the right cannabis strain for you, first consider the effects you are looking for. Suppose you are seeking marijuana for treatment of medical conditions or recreation. In that case, dispensaries are the best places to get expert advice. The licensed vendors will have different species depending on your needs. Budtenders. Budtenders at the premises will have valuable information on their structural composition and the compounds they contain.

Although many distributors will mark their products as Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, the information will likely be inaccurate. It means that you can find the strains resembling each other. It is the reason to consider the different lineages on your next trip to a marijuana shop. You will probably find cultivators naming them similarly for them to identify them better. There are thousands of strains available, and having a lineage prevents the growers from getting mixed up with the strains. It also helps them monitor the breeding and getting the right product to suit a particular feeling. They can also replicate the breeds with other strains to create additional pieces for users.


It is beneficial to research a specific product you want to try out. The internet can offer valuable insights on the topic, but it is crucial to get information from the cultivator. They will probably have descriptions of the different products available, including their characteristics and the expected effects after consumption.