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How to Write a Betting Guest Post

If you’re interested in gambling, you may consider submitting a betting guest post. These blogs often welcome guest posts about gambling topics. You can contact them by filling out the form on their website or by e-mail. Many of them will offer to pay you for your post in exchange for a link to your site. Listed below are some tips on writing a Betting Guest Post . Keep reading to learn more about the process.

Example of a gambling guest post

An example of a gambling guest post should include a bio, links to four other posts and a static page on a gambling website. If your website allows it, format your post in Word, with one header at the beginning and several at the end. The length of each section should be at least 300 words. The article should be short, using active voice, and contain at least one witty or funny statement.

Guest post writing is the most secure way to boost organic traffic to a casino website. With ever-changing search engine algorithms, writing gambling guest posts is now one of the safest link building methods available. Don’t make the mistake of using article spinning software to stuff meaningless material with keyword stuffing – the result will be a penalization that will take years to recover from. However, if you’re able to write an engaging piece, you’ll be well on your way to boosting organic traffic to your casino website.

Gambling guest posts are a great way to build trust. If you can give readers an inside look at the casino industry, this is an ideal way to get readers’ attention. Die-hard casino players are hesitant to play online games, but you can make your guest post fun by incorporating some jokes about gambling in your piece. Slot jokes are great for sharing on social media. However, be sure to include a link to your website in the article.

Resources to find gambling blogs that accept guest blog posts

While there are many resources to find gambling blogs that accept guest blog posts, most are too small and not updated. Most require a paid subscription, but a free tool exists that can generate a comprehensive list of gambling blogs that accept guest blog posts. This tool is useful for new bloggers, too. It will give you an idea of which gambling blogs are actively seeking guest writers. To start, search for gambling blogs that accept guest blog posts by category.

There are many gaming niche websites that welcome guest blog posts. Many allow you to submit articles for their sites, as long as they follow the proper format. Be sure to include a bio or other information about yourself, as most gambling blogs do. Also, check out sites like Geeks4Share, which allows you to submit articles from any niche and offers benefits if you become a regular contributor. Guest posting is an excellent way to build your online presence and gain exposure.

VGS has a good reach, but it looks old and outdated. Guest posts can be approved fairly quickly, and the site is very easy to reach. The website does look a bit stale, but it’s always worth trying. It’s a good way to get your gambling blog article published and get free traffic! If you’re looking for a gambling blog that accepts guest posts, you’ve come to the right place!

Cost of submitting a guest post to a gambling blog

Before submitting a guest post to a casino blog, you must check out the guidelines of the blog. Most gambling blogs allow up to two do-follow backlinks from your bio. Once approved, submit your article using the contact form on the blog’s website. Make sure to include your bio and contact information in the email, and use the subject line “Guest Post.”

Gambling Daily Digest is a decently established blog with a reasonable readership. Submissions are accepted quickly and you are allowed to include up to three images with your content. Please be sure to obtain the copyright for all images, and submit proof that they do not infringe on any rights. If you want to be published on their blog, you must also have a link back to your website.


Once you have a guest posting opportunity, the next step is to register as a contributor on the blog. To submit a guest post, fill out the contact form on the contact page, and make sure to read the blog’s guidelines. Some blogs will allow you to add your author page and bio, but this is not required. In addition, you can also place two do-follow links in your author profile.