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How to watch movies for free

You are organizing an evening at your house with some friends and you would like to spend your time in a different way than usual; for this reason you are thinking about the possibility of seeing a movie. The days of renting movies in the video store are long gone and now that everything is done via the Internet, you wish you could watch a movie for free right from your computer.

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How do you say? Is that right and did I get it right? I imagined. Well, if you want to watch free movies over the Internet, know that it’s possible, you just need to know the web addresses of the sites suitable for this purpose. And no, before you know it, I’m not referring to platforms that host multimedia content in violation of copyright. What I have in mind are very different Internet sites from the moment in which, in a completely legal way, they hold the rights to transmit the contents in streaming, offering them to be viewed completely free of charge .

1.VVVVID (Web / Android / iOS)

To see movies for free, the first site I choose to recommend is called VVVVID and it is one of the most famous Internet sites that allow you to watch movies for free, as well as completely legal.

VVVVID is one of the historic Web sites that have always offered the possibility of viewing different types of multimedia content: not only films but also TV series and entertainment shows, passing through Japanese animated films.

The main feature of this website? The contents on this portal have been created in such a way as to facilitate distribution via the Internet and are designed to be viewed in streaming; they are therefore suitable for a wide audience.

VVVVID is in my opinion an excellent site that allows you to watch free movies on a Windows or Mac computer: to access it, one of the most popular browsers is enough to browse the Internet such as Google Chrome or Safari.

2.MyMovies Live (Web)

One of the most noteworthy (but unfortunately underestimated by many) web portals to watch free movies is the MyMovies Live site .

This is a platform created by the popular movie review website that provides the ability to watch movies completely free of charge via the Internet.

The operation of MyMovies Live is different from any other website in that it functions as a kind of virtual cinema. Free registration is required in order to reserve a seat in a virtual room to watch a movie. However, this will be made available for viewing only at set times and days, just as if it were a movie at the cinema. The contents will then be transmitted via the Internet for a limited time and with limited virtual seats.

3.PopCorn TV (Web)

Among the most popular sites that allow you to watch movies for free there is also the PopCorn TV Web portal which offers various international films, TV series, anime and even soap operas, all completely free and without having to register.

Most of the films contained within this website can be viewed in live streaming; just use one of the most popular browsers to browse the Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

To watch free movies through the PopCorn TV site you must first connect to its official website and then click on the category of your interest. You can find present in the Cinema category , the Anime category , Telenovelas and TV series .

Once you click on the main category you will see a list of movies available to view in a free and choose the one to be viewed as the main genres present: for example, horror, comedy or action.

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