How to understand the benefits that a Ph.D. can provide to your job search

Corporates do not hire PhDs as they are independent and overqualified.’ is a statement made by people who do not know the truth. The dead-end is only inside the head and does not exist in reality. People join a phd in mumbai or even a part time PhD in management to boost their career. The fact is that a Ph.D. holder gets paid more than a non-PhD for the same position. But the problem is that some Ph.D. holders do not know how to leverage their degree and expect miracles to happen.

PhDs know how to find the answers.

Any industry requires a person with a high degree of complex problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills. A person with a PhD in psychology in Mumbai or even a part time PhD in management excels at these three areas. They are highly trained as researchers to identify the problem and find a solution to any kind of problem. They are the best candidates who attack a question from every angle and then some more. While others skim over the facts, these professionals dig deep, research properly, and find credible information. 

PhDs are immune to failure.

The basic life of a PhD in psychology in Mumbai or even a part time PhD in management is to learn from their failure without going down. Usually, students who were the best at the graduate degree end up doing a Ph.D. They learn quickly enough that an experiment needs to be done 50 times just to find an answer and then 50 times more to get the right value. They have failed daily and, over the years, develop a thick skin to simply shrug off failure. Such persistence efforts are much needed by any company.

PhDs know how to deal with negative bosses.

The basic role of a Ph.D. mentor is to find the minute and major faults in the work of their students. Students at a PhD in psychology in Mumbai or even a part time PhD in management are made to feel small, stupid, and useless every day. Such mentors are usually less at a good institute like Amity, but there are quite a few tough fellows out there. Thus, these professionals have passed through some of the most horrible times and can handle any sort of bosses. 

PhDs thrive in uncertainty.

Any student from a PhD in psychology in Mumbai or even a best colleges in mumbai has spent many years in the middle of uncertainty. They have no idea if today they will get the desired results or the next lot of funds, or if the paper will ever be reviewed and published. Many times they do not even know if they are working on an answer at all. Any time of the day, their life’s work could be proven untrue, and yet they continue. Most people need solid ground and are not willing to take risks.

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