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How to open blocked sites: proxy server or VPN?

High-speed broadband Internet access is not yet exotic for the residents of US. The services of domestic providers are not the cheapest in the world, but more than affordable. However, this is not enough for many individuals and organizations. In the US, as in many other countries of the world, there are a number of restrictions and prohibitions on access to some sites and services. But private and legal users, despite the restrictions, often need to access such resources for professional purposes. In order to fulfill their duties, journalists and IT industry workers must work without borders, not only in the real, but also in the virtual world.

There are several ways to accomplish these tasks. The most effective is the use of a proxy server This service is designed to buffer data while loading and hide the true IP address of the user. Also, a private proxy allows you to speed up the use of blocked resources, freely play online entertainment, parsing and perform many other actions on the network without any restrictions.

No less freedom for traveling on the Internet is provided by the use of a VPN (virtual private network) service, although its functionality is sharply limited in comparison with a proxy. VPN service unites users physically located in any country in the world into a single network that functionally looks like a local one. Outwardly, it is impossible to “see” network users, but inside all traffic is encrypted.

Advantages of IPv4 proxies

There are many services on the Internet with proxy servers, both free and paid. The quality of the free cheese is known to everyone, so we will only talk about service with a professional quality of service. Users need a reliable and inexpensive 24/7 service. The Proxy-Seller website supports many languages, and also provides access to proxy servers in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, Germany, France, England, etc.

Clients are provided with the following server functions:

  • lack of user connection logs;
  • connection interruption protection;
  • private DNS on every server on the network;
  • the mode of masking the connection in front of your Internet provider;
  • simultaneous connection through several countries;
  • bypassing regional restrictions;
  • hiding the real IP address;
  • traffic encryption;
  • use of secure protocols.

One of the advantages of Proxy-Seller is a pleasant price, which is an important competitive advantage against the background of impeccable service.