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How to move your sports equipment?

If you are a workout freak then chances are that you will have numerous numbers of present sports equipment. But moving this equipment is not child’s play. Proper tools and techniques are required to move these with complete safety and security. Sports equipment are of different types, some are quite easy to pack and move like a workout mat and some require special handling like a treadmill. Usually, sports equipment is expensive so one can’t afford to break these during the transition. So, the only left option is to pack and move these properly so that they can reach the destination in the same condition as these were before. If you want a guide to move these then check out these tips and tricks:

Choose a reliable moving company 

It seems almost impossible to pack and move sports equipment without the help of professionals. That is why it is recommended you hire movers Los Angeles at Moving Apt, the best moving company in USA. The moving process is not at all easy regardless of the fact whether it is a short-distance move or a long-distance move. While on the other hand, if you don’t hire professionals and try to move these items by yourself then you might end up breaking very expensive equipment which is just a foolish decision and nothing else. This is not the right way of saving money if you end up damaging items with higher costs. Movers tend to be experienced in their work so they know what they should do and how to handle the items and can easily transit the items with complete safety.

Start the process with cleaning 

We all tend to spend a lot of time with the sports equipment, therefore, it is quite obvious that a lot of sweat will drip over the gear. That is why cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment before moving makes sense. This will clean up any sort of bacteria if present before moving. To do this, you have to follow the procedure:

Thoroughly clean all the surfaces of all the equipment. You should use a homemade solution of vinegar and water solution. And then spray this over the surfaces of all the machines like treadmill, weighing machines and another such kind of machines. Then to clean items like mats and other such items, you should use a paper towel along with the solution to remove the germs from these. And if there are items present like towels and the same kind of items then washing these ahead of time is a great idea.

Moving golf clubs 

Golf clubs require special attention and care when moving. Make sure the golf club has their heads on and then wrap these well using bubble paper. You can also use blankets or thick bath towels to wrap these. Then pick a cardboard box that is just a little bit bigger in size than the golf clubs and in which the items fit in perfectly. Make sure you add proper padding to it so that the item does not move into the box during transportation. Also, there should not be any other box with items present on it when stacking into the moving glossary vehicle. It should be the last item to load.

Several exercising equipment 

Stationary bikes, treadmills are the most common exercising equipment present a person who is a gym freak. All of these items are heavy, bulky, and cumbersome therefore transporting them requires special technique and guidance. First of all, decide how you will move these, either you will require assistance from professionals or ask for help from your friends and family members. The bulkiness of these items does not allow most of these items to enter from the doorway therefore these need to be dissembled. This equipment also has electrical and digital parts associated with them so make sure you disassemble these very carefully.

Once these are dissembled then it will be easier to pack these with moving blankets and into boxes and you can also label these with ease and can be transported easily. It is recommended you lift the heavy items with your legs instead of using your back because it can cause back injuries.

Additional tips:

  • Use sturdy boxes for heavy items and light cardboard boxes for lightweight items
  • Leave the small items to pack in the last such as the yoga mats and such items
  • Also, pack the sports outfit separately from all other items by using plastic wraps

Wrapping it all up!!!

Preparation is crucial before moving sports equipment and other gym tools. Good preparation of anything could make the most difficult task easier. Apart from that, by hiring a moving company you can easily accomplish success in the moving process. And by using the above tips, you can also do it by yourself and with ease in an effective manner.