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How to Deposit Money into Sports Betting Sites in India?

The sports betting market keeps growing in India. Many Indian cricketers and celebrities have also shown their interest in sports betting, and this has attracted an enormous audience over the last few years. If you have recently been introduced to sports betting and want to know more about the Sports betting sites, do not worry. You are not alone. Sports betting online is a concept that is pretty new to the wider Indian audience.

You can bet on sports through your mobile phone or desktop website, where bettors get options to place wagers on their favourite sport and matches. While looking for sports betting sites, you must have come across many websites offering so many bonuses, promotions on registration and a first deposit. However, depositing money and providing your bank details to a sports betting website can be scary for some people. You need to know the ins and outs of banking at these websites, and also how you can make your deposits safely.

This article will help you learn how to make money deposits on sports betting websites and give you some essential tips related to banking at these websites.

Ways to Deposit Money at Sports Betting Sites

Before we move on to the steps for money deposition at sports betting sites, let us tell you about how you can add money to your account. The ways are:

Net Banking: One of the most commonly used methods to add money to any sports betting site is net banking. These websites will list down the banks they accept in their terms and conditions section. However, you can be assured that all major bank’s online banking is accepted at the betting websites.

Credit/Debit Cards: Credit cards and debit cards can also be used to make payments at betting websites. Both card deposits and net banking are available on all sports betting sites. However, in credit card deposits, some websites might restrict credit cards of certain banks.

Digital wallets: Digital wallets or third-party payments can be considered one of the safest ways to deposit money on a betting website. The digital wallets will include PayPal, NETELLER, Skrill, ecoPayz, MuchBetter, Paytm, Mobikwik, Google Pay, PhonePe, and much more. You will have to enter your wallet details and directly send and receive money from them.

UPI: Many sports betting sites that target the Indian audience offer UPI payment option, which can be done through the Unified Payment Interface applicable on apps such as BHIM, Paytm, G-Pay, and much more. You just have to enter your UPI id, and you will be transported to the payment website. This is also one of the fastest and safest payment methods.

Cryptocurrency: Finally, some of the websites will also allow you to make payments through cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins. However, you need to remember that you cannot convert the cryptocurrency into the Indian rupee. So, consider that before you make your deposit.

Steps to Deposit Money at Sports Betting Websites

Below is a step-by-step procedure that you will follow to deposit money into your sports betting site account for the first time. This procedure will also give you a general idea of how you can get your first deposit bonus.

Step 1- Create an Account

The first step for a beginner is to register yourself at the sports betting site of your choice. Registration usually just takes about 5 minutes to finish, and you might just need to enter your email id, phone number, and password. If you have already registered, then move directly to step 2.

Step 2- Go to The Add Money or Deposit Section

Most of the websites will directly guide you to the deposit page as soon as you finish your sign-up process. However, you can access the deposit section from the ‘accounts’ tab on the websites for the already registered players. Now click on Add Money.

Step 3- Select the Method You Want to Use

Some websites will ask you to enter the amount before you are taken to the payment page, and some will just take you directly to the payment options. You can now select the option you prefer and enter the amount you wish to add. Note that on most sports betting sites, there is a minimum and maximum deposit amount. The deposit limit also differs between different payment methods. There may also be a minimum deposit limit depending on the promotion you want to avail. So, keep all of this in mind.

Step 4- Enter Your Details and Promo Codes

Now once you have selected your banking method and also entered the amount to deposit, you will be redirected to the third-party website, where you will complete the formalities of your payment. Enter all the necessary information and continue.

Step 5- Verify the Deposit

You might have to enter a password or a one-time verification code to finish the payment in NetBanking, e-wallets, and even on card payments. In the past, one of the only ways to buy cryptocurrency was to trade a different currency for it on an exchange. Now, new technology has come up that allows you to buy Theta coin on

Step 6- The Money Will Reflect in Your Account

As soon as the bank approves your payment, it will automatically reflect in your betting account. You will also see the bonus amount either instantly or as per the sports betting website guidelines.

Money Deposit Considerations:

The new players should keep certain things in mind while making deposits if they do not want to be scammed. These include:

  1. Only register at legal sports betting sites. Check their license and their security measures.
  2. When making payment, always check if you are being redirected to a secure page on the web browser or not. The secured pages will have a small lock symbol on the address bar.
  3. Try and use e-wallets or third-party payment methods as much as possible to avoid entering your banking details.

This article covered how you can make deposits on online sports betting sites. With some precautions, you will add money to your accounts safely and enjoy a good betting experience. May good luck be with you!