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How to choose a boxing gloves for a beginner

Do you have a craze for how to a choose boxing gloves for beginners? Are you very choosy about your health and body fitness? Either you start boxing as a furor or to maintain your body fitness, you have to buy boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves not only prevent you from injuries but also help you to continue your training like a professional. Now, if you are confused about choosing best boxing gloves, then here we provide about that.

Why are boxing gloves necessary for a beginner?

It’s a misconception that boxing gloves are not necessary for beginners. For perfect punch with enthusiasm and saving from injuries, you have to buy boxing gloves. Gloves will not only help you to practice smoothly but they also train you like a professional.

Best equipment takes you to the professional levels.  If you can punch with flexibility, smoothness, and without any hesitations, then you can easily take advantage of boxing.

How a beginner can select the best boxing gloves?

Now, once you make a mind about buying boxing gloves, the next level is selecting gloves. Here we discuss all the steps which help you to buy the best boxing gloves for you.

  • Measure your hand
  • Choose the right weight of gloves
  • Select right material and brand
  • Take notes of all prices and select according to your budget.

Which factors should keep in mind before selecting gloves?

  • While measuring your hand with tape, only measures the palm and don’t include the thumb. If you take the wrong measurement, then you cannot find the right boxing gloves for you.
  • The next important factor is material and types of gloves. Vinyl, Polyurethane leather, and Genuine leather are the most common type of gloves that are used by beginners.
  • Vinyl: If you only do exercises, then Vinyl is the best for you, its price ranges from $20 to $40. It can be used for a long time if you only do exercise and don’t punch with them.
  • Polyurethane leather: This type of gloves will remain in good form for a long time.
  • Genuine leather: You can adjust genuine leather according to your hand. It can last long from any other type of leather, but they are more expensive than lies between in the range of $60 to $400.

What is the required weight of gloves for you as a beginner?

The weight of the gloves depends upon your hand size, hand weight, and body weight.

Weight size of glove: Hand size:            Hand weight:    Weight

  • 14 oz. 5inch to 6.5 inches     84kg
  • 12 oz      5inch to 7.5 inch   68kg-84kg
  • 10 oz. 5inch to 8.5 inch        54kg-68kg
  • 8 oz       5inch to 9.5 inch  40kg-54kg

How much should beginner spend on boxing gloves?

As a beginner don’t spend much on boxing gloves. You can buy good boxing gloves in the range of $40 to $50.


Finally we learn how to choose a boxing glove for  beginners. It is a technical thing. You can select any one based on their hand weight, Hand size, and budget.  First of all take measurement of your hand, then choose the right weight gloves according to material and your budget.