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How to Buy Right Men’s Shoes?

The world of men’s shoes is vast. Trying to pick the right style for you can be confusing. But don’t let this stop you from buying a pair of shoes that will enhance your style. There are many tips for buying the right pair of men’s shoes. Here are some of them:

Avoid buying men’s shoes if you can’t walk around in them

To avoid buying the wrong size of men’s shoes, you should use the Brannock device to measure your foot. This tool was developed in Syracuse, NY in the early 20th century and measures the length of your foot in three parts: length, width, and arch length. The arch length is the distance between the ball of the foot and heel, and tends to grow as you get older. Generally, you should match your shoe size to your arch length, so be sure to ask for a wider size.

Inspect the construction of men’s shoes

Observe the craftsmanship of men’s footwear. Check the alignment of the upper, the back height, the color block and the collar lines. Look for any wrinkles or asymmetry in the seam that joins the upper and the outsole. Look for abrasions as well as excessive over gluing or buffing. The shoe should have the same height all the way around. Inspect the heel, too.

Look for leather materials used in the construction of men’s shoes. If the upper is made from vegetable tanned leather, the leather should be soft, durable, and highly breathable. Look for stitching that connects the leather to the upper from the inside, not the outside. The last stitch is particularly important because it helps the shoe retain its shape. Look for a shoe’s construction to ensure that the upper is properly cemented or stitched to the sole.

Leather is a must

While there are a number of types of leather, top-grain leather is the best option for durability. Use Nike promo code and get the best shoes with the best discount. Top-grain leather is slightly cheaper than full-grain leather, but still more expensive. Another type of leather is corrected leather, which has been lightly sanded to remove any imperfections. Patent leather looks like it’s from a mile away, and pebble-grain leather has a grainy pattern. Cheaper alternatives include rubber and crepe. These materials are both unattractive, but they are suitable for casual shoes that aren’t formal.

While leather is an important factor when buying men’s shoes, it is also a good idea to know about the characteristics of each type. Among these are the softness, durability, and comfort. Different leathers have different properties. Calfskin, suede, and shell cordovan are better choices for everyday shoes. For casual wear, you should avoid wearing leather shoes without lining. If you’re buying shoes for formal events, you can choose a suede, calfskin, or other high-quality leather.

The darker your suit, the darker your shoes

Men’s shoes should be a darker shade than their pants. Darker suits need darker shoes. While black shoes go well with just about any suit, navy pants call for dark brown shoes. Brown shoes are also appropriate, but they should be conditioned. If you’re unsure whether a pair of brown shoes will look good with your navy suit, consider investing in a wooden shoe tree to keep them in shape.

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