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How to Buy Prescription Eyewear with SmartBuyGlasses

Sports player or spectator, you want to see the ball clearly! Lucky for you, there are plenty of brands out there that cater to sports focused individuals. Oakley is the stand out brand for glasses that never fall off, but you might be interested to hear that Ronaldo has a new line of eyewear meaning that everyone can wear the number 7 too! At SmartBuyGlasses, all frames come with a best price guarantee, so don’t miss out! 

But how can you buy them during a lockdown? SmartBuyGlasses has thought of that too. They offer the widest range of eyewear online, so you can have your prescription lenses fitted to whichever glasses you fancy, without even moving a muscle. Simply head to their online website and browse the selection. Here is a quick and easy step-by-step guide to getting your dream specs delivered straight to your door. Oh, and one more thing, they are all offered with a best price guarantee! With their value collections, you can get premium frames with lenses fitted by their certified opticians for just £6! Read on to find out how.

1. Get Your Prescription

As much as technology has advanced, online eye exams are not yet possible. So you will have to get your prescription from an optician near you. The optician will determine what kind of eye correction you need, and send you off with a prescription. Keep this document safe, as it is the key to buying glasses online. It will tell you all sorts of information, such as your pupillary distance, the corrective powers for each lens, and what type of vision you have. But don’t worry if you don’t understand all the details. At SmartBuyGlasses, all you have to do is upload or email the document! Their qualified opticians will take it from there.

Try Glasses On Virtually with SmartBuyGlasses

When you go to the opticians, the idea of buying your glasses there might be rather tempting. But consider this. Their ranges are often much less broad, with only a handful of frames to choose from, and they charge much higher prices too! So instead, we recommend you head online to SmartBuyGlasses. All their glasses come with a lowest price guarantee, so you honestly won’t get them cheaper anywhere else. There are so many options available, from glasses to sunglasses, from cat eyes to square shapes. You are truly spoilt for choice. To narrow down your search, try on the pairs you like to see how they look on your face. All you have to do is take a quick selfie video, and then your face will miraculously appear on-screen with an image of how each pair of glasses would look in real life. This is the fool-proof way to getting the best glasses possible. 

2. Getting the Right Frame 

Cat eyes? Square? Round? Rectangular? Pilot shape? The list is endless. Pick one in the filters to narrow down your search! There are plenty of brands on offer, from the world’s biggest fashion designers to budget-friendly labels like the SmartBuy Collection. The latter offers fashionable glasses for a fraction of the price, and they are still made with premium materials! 

Shape of the Frame 

Glasses sit on your face day in, day out. So you want to get them right. You might think that if you pay enough for a pair of glasses, they simply have to look good. But sadly, this is not the case. Every face shape is different, and so frame shapes will look great on some people, and not so great on others. Don’t be one of the “others”. To find the frame that works for you, consider one that contrasts with your natural features. So if you have a rounded face, opt for an angular frame, and vice versa. To see what face shape you have, draw an outline of your face with an easily remove-able substance like lipstick. This should help clarify your face shape when you look in the mirror. Alternatively, the virtual try on tool will tell you what face shape you have, and which frame shape to look for!

Size of the Frame 

For those interested in sports, this is perhaps the most important aspect of purchasing a new pair of glasses. If you are turning your head to look in different directions or out exercising in the rain, you don’t want your brand new specs flying off your face. Even with a durable pair from the top designers, they may not survive the crash. 

On the flip side, you don’t want the frames to be too tight, as this can look odd and disproportionate with your face, and can also lead to headaches. If your current glasses fit you just fine, the best thing to do is to check the inside of the frames, where the size is usually inscribed. You’re looking for a number around 50. Then just buy the same size again!

3. Submit Your Prescription

Last but certainly not least, pop your chosen frames into the online basket. The next page will ask you to upload your prescription, then choose your lens type. Don’t hesitate to hit the ask the optician button for advice on which lens type to choose for sports. They are always on hand to help. Once you have made your decision, the lenses will be inserted by the professional opticians at SmartBuyGlasses, and arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. 

SmartBuyGlasses sells nothing but authentic products, and is one of the most trusted eyewear retailers. Whatever your style, prescription or other personal preferences, you are bound to find a pair you not only like, but love. All frames come with a best price guarantee, 2 year warranty and 100 days to return. Happy shopping!