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How Much of an Edge Are You Giving Up on Crypto Dice?

Humans have played dice games since before recorded history, so it is impossible to determine where such games originated. The Egyptian game, Senet, was technically a dice game played at least 5,000 years ago. An archaeological excavation in Scotland revealed bone dice dating from 3100BC to 2400BC.

The traditional die is a cube with six faces, and each side is marked with a number of dots ranging from 1 to 6. Crypto dice is a variation on this world-famous game with players invited to pick a number between 1 and 100. The casino then generates a random number, and you find out if you win.

With certain crypto dice games, you win if the number is below your selection, while you profit if the number is above your selection on others.

Let’s look at dice rules on cryptocurrency casinos and analyzes the likely house edge. The calculations assume that you win if the revealed number is less than your selection. Therefore, if you pick 76, you win if the number generated by the site is 75 or less.

What Are the Rules of Crypto Dice?

One of the best things about dice on crypto casinos is the game’s simplicity. You will see a digital scale with the number 1 (0 on some sites) on the left and 100 on the right. You choose a number after deciding how much digital currency you want to risk.

It is possible to slide up and down the scale to make your selection. However, it is much easier to type in the number in the assigned box, which should tell you whether you need to roll over or under the integer to win.

Beneath the digital scale, you should see your chance of winning once you make your selection, along with the payout in decimal form and your profit should you win. For instance, the crypto dice site might say you have a 78% chance of winning if you select 79 with a payout of 1.2628. If you bet 0.5 Litecoin and guess right, for example, you will win 0.5 x 1.2628 = 0.6314 LTC for a profit of 0.1314 LTC.

Press the ‘Roll button, and you’ll see if you win. In our example above, you win if the figure is 78 or lower and lose if it is 80+. Check the cryptocurrency casino’s rules to see if you roll the same number as your selection. Generally speaking, one would expect the site to return your stake.

What Is the House Edge in Crypto Dice?

You’ll find that the advantage enjoyed by the casino varies, so shop around to find the best value. Reputable sites offer provably fair crypto dice, meaning they shouldn’t have an edge of more than 1 or 2%.

You can calculate the house edge if the crypto dice game doesn’t offer the return-to-player percentage (RTP). Multiply the win chance by the decimal payout figure.

For instance, if you select 70, the site may tell you there’s a 69% chance of winning and a potential payout of 1.4275 times your stake. We multiply 69 x 1.4275 and get 98.4975. Subtract this figure from 100; you now know that the house edge is 1.5025%. This is a reasonable edge, but plenty of crypto dice sites have an advantage of slightly under 1%.

How to Win at Crypto Dice

This isn’t information you want to hear, but in reality, you’re unlikely to win at cryptocurrency dice in the long term. It is a game of chance with an in-built house edge; over time, you will lose more often than you’ll win.

You can avoid long losing streaks by sticking with bets with a high probability of success. However, even with a win percentage of 70%, you can expect a losing streak of at least six to occur within any 1,000-bet sequence. On the plus side, winning 31+ times in a row during the same timeframe is possible!

Certain crypto dice sites let you make wagers with a possible payout of 99 times your stake, but you could lose hundreds, if not thousands of times in a row!

Final Thoughts on Crypto Dice

In the end, please remember that this is a game of chance. Don’t play cryptocurrency dice on any online casino with the expectation of winning. Instead, enjoy the adrenaline rush and wager sensibly! Long losing streaks are common, and aggressive staking will soon destroy your bankroll.

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