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How Do You Enjoy Diving If You Cannot See Well?

If you need glasses or contacts in your everyday life in order to see better, whether to see things at a distance or to see things better close up, there are prescription water goggles you can use to help you. Rather than wear contacts and run the risk of losing them, or getting an eye infection from using them you can get goggles at the same strength as your normal eye correction wear. You can then see when you swim, and you can avoid harmful bacteria in your eyes.

Prescription goggles of all types

You can get swim prescription goggles in all kinds of colours and styles to suit everyone. You could choose to get tinted ones if you are swimming outside in the bright sun often, or you could get clear goggles for night swimming or using an indoor pool. Already made you can choose strengths between -2.0 to -8.0. If you need something stronger or different then you could invest in custom swim goggles. It is important to choose the right strength, whether preset or made specifically for you. Not doing so could lead to further damage to your eyesight. You also need to consider things like getting anti-fog lenses so you do not have to keep wiping them, and choosing flat lenses that are easier to see through.

Things to look for in your goggles

There are a number of things to think about when you look for the right prescription water goggles for you. As well as the above mentioned strength here are some other things to think about;

  • Tinted for outside and clear for inside, the sun in your eyes can be painful and interrupt your activity, but tinted goggles indoors are harder to see through!
  • Choose goggles with silicone seals as they are far superior to rubber seals, lasting longer.
  • An anti-fog coating on the lenses so you do not have to keep wiping them and interrupt your swim.
  • Adjustable straps that are comfortable around your head.
  • A proper case to store them in when you do not need them, so they do not get damaged and scratched.
  • A removable nose piece sometimes you might want to swim without it.
  • Goggles that fit snuggly but are still comfortable and not overly tight leaving marks on you.

Not just for swimming

Using custom swim goggles does not have to just be for when you swim. You might enjoy a variety of water sports, jet skiing, snorkeling, white water rafting, wakeboarding and more. Some of these are times when you could try wearing your goggles as a way to protect your eyes and see clearly as you are active. While some wear regular goggles over their glasses there are issues with this option. The goggles do not fit as well as they are meant to and so leak, and the discomfort means longer swims or sports is difficult.

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