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How Can You Extend the Battery Life of Your Uninterruptible Power Supply System?

Every computer equipment, whether personal or corporate backup, needs to have a supporting power supply. The main function of a UPS system is to protect your equipment from power outages, load fluctuations, and potential brownouts. It is a dedicated battery that helps minimize computer damage by allowing you to do a safe shutdown.

Though an uninterruptible power supply can serve as your power backup, understand that it also runs on batteries. The battery powers the UPS system, and it is often the most overlooked part of the whole computer structure.

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A failing UPS is highly indicative of a possible compromise in your computer infrastructure and entire network topology. Extending the battery life of your UPS system means being cautious about its upkeep and following the basics of UPS life preservation.

Routinely Calibrating the UPS Batteries Extends Its Life

Regular maintenance for your UPS system is not only about checking the battery cycling status but should also involve calibration. Executing runtime calibrations is a good way to extend your UPS battery life because it allows you to drain the batteries down and fully charge the system up.

UPS calibrations are often performed via the software or the network management card. The main purpose of calibrating the battery of your uninterruptible power supply is to have an accurate calculation of the runtime process.

Older apparatus need to be calibrated manually, while newer units are equipped with calibrating software for more accurate computation of your UPS’ power cycle. UPS batteries are expensive, and one way of cushioning your finances is by regularly having them maintained and calibrated.

Use Devices With Energy Saving Features

Using power saving devices extends the life of the UPS unit because they consume less power than most standard equipment. Generally, the lower power consumption needed by your entire system is beneficial for the UPS system because of controlled temperatures.

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Devices including monitors, printers, and other peripherals with the energy savings logo indicated that they are manufactured to be energy efficient. Certified appliances are beneficial in cutting operational costs, and they protect the integrity of your UPS because of lesser energy demands.

When setting up your system connections, it is important to use quality wiring. The wirings of your system have a direct effect on energy consumption as quality wiring helps to avoid high-resistance configurations that increase backup power loads.

Setup Your UPS Unit in a Cool and Dry Location

When installing a backup power supply for your office building, it is advisable to set it up in a cool and dry room. Most UPS systems require temperatures that do not exceed 25 degrees to preserve battery life.

It is also not advisable to place a UPS device near doorways and open windows where moisture can easily seep in. There must be adequate airflow within each side of the unit to prevent overheating.

Additionally, when you are storing replacement batteries, make sure it is used within the prescribed duration. You can only store newly purchased batteries for up to a year because power quality degrades with time.

A great deal of consideration is required when looking for the right UPS system for your office or personal use. Extending the battery life of your power backup also means finding the right partner that can provide quality UPS solutions that work for your needs.

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