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How can you collect evidence for lost income in an injury case?

When you get injured in a car accident, it is pretty apparent that you might need some time to heal before getting back to work. It results in losing wages or even the entire job. But the law is more about the facts and evidence, so you need to prove that to get the maximum compensation. The Atlanta, GA, car crash attorneys can help you collect evidence. But this blog, too, will help you understand how you can collect evidence for your lost income in an injury case.

Lost income and the future earning capacity

If the injury is minor and you are fit to join the work after the healing phase, you will get compensation for the period until you can join back. But if the accident causes permanent damages, making it impossible to work further, it hampers your future earning capacity. Hence, you are eligible to get a better compensation amount. But the key here is to prove your disability happened due to the injury. So let’s see what all evidence you can bring to the table.


Medical documents: When you get injured due to a car accident, the doctor’s medical notes and the test reports play a significant role in proving the injury. Make sure that you don’t miss any appointments, as the insurance company can use this to prove that your damage was not as severe as you explained it to be. Thus they can attempt to settle the case at a lower value. 

Financial information: Collect information that can prove that you lost wages or your job, such as W-2, income tax statements, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.

Moreover, you need to consider the following things to prove the lost future earning capacity.

  • Age of the injury victim
  • Predicted future promotions or increments 
  • Type of occupation
  • Lost benefits (such as a pension, health insurance, etc.)


Car accidents are uneventful situations that can change your entire life within a fraction of seconds. The claim amount you get can’t compensate for the agony you had to go through due to the accident. But it will somehow support you in exercising your future commitments towards your family. So make sure that you don’t underestimate your sufferings and demand a reasonable amount. Also, collect maximum evidence to prove the liability of the other person.