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High-speed private proxies: how they are used in business, why large companies need them and to promote new business

To ensure the anonymity of actions, the safety of using the network and convenient settings for the corporate Internet, they use private proxies. They differ from the public ones in that they provide greater data security. In addition, such proxies can be configured as precisely as possible for your own tasks. Therefore, the services of the https://you-proxy.com/ service are in demand among private clients and legal entities. Large companies value this collaboration because it provides increased information security.

What qualities of a proxy allow you to be sure of this:

  1. Information is securely saved from hacking attempts;
  2. Encryption and decryption of traffic;
  3. Optimization of costs for corporate network protection;
  4. Monitoring resource consumption for this in real time;
  5. Network access control for employees at different levels.

How to keep your corporate network secure

Private proxies act as SSL gateways. When buying them, the company safely responds to all external HTTP requests. And the structure of the internal network is not affected at all. As a result, there is an intermediary between the backend of the internal network and the client making the request from the outside. Thus, a private proxy server provides hiding corporate data. Without mediation, all external requests would have to be handled by corporate servers. Using this, attackers have the opportunity to learn about security vulnerabilities and about the structure of the internal network.

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Encrypting and decrypting data using a proxy

Many companies prefer “reverse” proxies, which are servers located behind a firewall on their internal network. This is a great opportunity not only to secure corporate information. After all, these proxies encrypt and decrypt passing traffic. They can also be used to work with traffic that is already encrypted. In this case, its decrypted version will get inside the network. This will prevent you from installing additional protection on backend servers.

How to make your company page more popular on social networks

Many people use proxies for social networks. This is an indispensable tool for promoting a group or page. These tasks are often solved using mass-liking and mass-following. Such services are sometimes ordered from specialized companies. But many have learned how to promote accounts with their own hands, using special programs. The use of a proxy will help a lot for this, since it will allow you to log into multiple accounts as if from different devices.

Proxy lead generation

When analyzing their own client base, as well as potential target audience, proxy servers are also used. This process is called lead generation and requires a lot of data collection. The customer’s own hardware may not be able to cope with such a task. For example, this is an aspiring businessman who has only a few laptops at his disposal. Or the server room of a large company is loaded to capacity, and its network connection is weak. Therefore, for analytics in social networks, proxies are used to ensure stable traffic.

High-quality functional private proxies, services that support Socks 5 and HTTP (s) protocols. Among other equally advantageous characteristics of this resource and the proposed proxies, the following can be distinguished:

  • purchased proxies are issued with a certain spread over various networks and paths;
  • one of the main advantages of the proxies presented to your attention is high speed and minimal ping;
  • 100% personal proxies are offered for purchase;
  • there is an opportunity to purchase proxies in 20 countries of the world, while their list is being updated.