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Google began to allow users to obtain more information through image search

Google began to search for a picture in the United States mobile devices result, adding more maps based on Google Search knowledge (Knowledge Graph) technology established information , so that users can learn more related information through the picture content.

Although many people use Google Search to find content in the form of keywords, some find it difficult to describe situations through text. Instead, they must search through image content.

In order to allow users to know further information content faster through image search results, Google applies the knowledge graph technology used in Google Search in the past to the image search function, allowing users to more intuitively connect more information through images .

The calculation mode behind it also uses artificial intelligence technology and image analysis methods to allow the system to understand the key items, scenes, and main colors contained in the image content, and then correspond to the related content captured by Google Search.

However, this feature is currently only available for mobile devices in the United States for the time being, and it is expected that it will expand to more regions and support more language content in the future as the data accumulates .

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In addition, augmented reality is a continuous and in-depth development project of Google. It will not only become a new interactive model in the future, but also bring a new human-computer interaction experience. It can also generate new applications for search requirements, such as allowing users to use The augmented reality method understands personal search objects, or the Live View method allows users to understand the surrounding environment through their mobile phones.

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According to Google’s description, search is its own initial development, and it is also the most intuitive way for users to find information. How to make it easier for users to find the answers they need at the moment has become the goal of Google’s continuous progress.

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