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Golf Tips for Your Short Game

1. Keep your toes in

Keep your lower body still if you want to be consistent with your distance. Putting is often done improperly, but when you keep your body still, you will find that your ball follows the line you intended.

It can be challenging to stay still when putting, but if you turn your toes inward, it is easier. Arnold Palmer used to use this trick. When you turn your toes in, you will force your body to stay still, as it will limit your movement. Try this for a drill but then take it to the course and use it to your benefit.

2. An inch for every step when putting

Most people use their years of experience to control their distance when putting. They feel it’s a matter of getting used to it.

That is why most new golfers need help to judge their distance on the green. Having something that allows you to do so is a skill that is worthy of mastering.

Most people feel this is too simple to be a tip, but it works better than you would expect. If you want to improve your control over distance on the green, add 1 inch for every foot to your backstroke. Is it a perfect system? No, but it can help you when you need it the most.

3. Look after stroking

Do you look up quickly after putting? Try holding your gaze until you finish, and then look at the ball as it rolls.

This tip is very similar to our suggestion of being still as you put. You don’t want any movement if possible because it helps you control both the direction and distance.

Always fully finish your stroke and hold the finish until the ball has traveled some distance from your feet. At that point, you can look to see where it goes as it rolls closer to the pin or even in the hole.

4. Lean over before putting

Every inch counts on the golf course. This is often seen in a frustrating way when your ball goes just beyond or just short of where you expect it to go. Rather than trying to chip a short pitch, why not go ahead and putt it out?

There is a change necessary when you are doing so. Put a lot of weight on the foot closest to the pin and drop the same shoulder.

The extra tilt in your shoulder helps to put more momentum toward the target. The stroke of the club will not be shallow and sweeping. When you stand this way, it will help keep your head down at the back of the ball, allowing for more direct contact between the face of the putter and the ball itself.

The angle of contact is going to cause a jump in the ball. That jump will help the ball hop over the long grass and the fringe and then drop onto the green with a regular roll.

It takes some time to get accustomed to the feel of it, but it’s a great tip if you can keep it in your arsenal of options.

5. Short shot? Choke down!

Controlling your distance can be a challenge regarding short pitches and chips. Fortunately, you have physics on your side and can use it to your advantage. By shortening the lever, you will be delivering less power. Do so by choking down on the club handle to shorten the length of the club. Choking down will also cause the ball to travel a shorter distance. It really is that simple.

There’s nothing wrong with choking down the entire way down to the bottom of the grip. You can even extend your grip down onto the shaft if necessary.

6. Chip with your heal up

Hold your grip lower on the handle when going for a shorter chip shot, and keep your stance narrow. Then use your body’s weight and lean slightly so you are putting more weight toward the club shaft and forward toward the target.

The natural inclination is to lean away, so the golf ball lifts, which often results in topping the ball or hitting the ground behind it. One thing it doesn’t do is give you the shot you desire.

Here’s a neat little trick to help you prepare for this easy chipshot. After getting set up, lift your back heel and keep it off the ground while you stroke. Doing so enables you to avoid lifting the ball and allows you to hit the ball solidly right at the turf.

You can use this as a practice shot, but it benefits your stroke so much that you will use it during play.

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