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Go play online casino — Have fun, win, and enjoy!

What Is an Online Casino?

An online casino is a site offering gambling, such as in a real land-based casino. There are different branches of online gaming:

  • Lottery
  • Sports betting
  • Slots
  • Poker (and other card games), and
  • Horse racing.

Canada gives the right to play games of money and chance, several cameramen in this country have received a license to offer you free play  a casino license lasts twenty years, renewable.

Online casinos often offer higher payout rates than real casinos because they have much lower running costs (little staff and no building). In my opinion, the most convenient way to have a good time at the casino is to download jackpot city casino app for the most comfortable gameplay.

How Does Gaming at an Online Casino Function?

What makes online casinos so exciting is the fact that they are filmed in real time with a human dealer. Players are able to take part in the game via a console on their computer, and by definition play live, as in a game of poker for example. In case they have a question or need help, a live chat is available to them.

Online Casino Game Mechanics

The player can play directly on his/her PC. The bets are transmitted to a server which

  • Makes a random draw
  • Records the combinations
  • Calculates the losses or the gains, and
  • Sends the result back to the player’s computer.

Everything is accompanied with visual and sound animations.

An online casino consists of at least three rooms:

  • A live studio
  • A room where the technical and software part is with the technical staff, and finally
  • A room for analysts.

However, this setup may vary from casino to casino.


Cameras play an important role in streaming games live. The latest technological advances have made them more powerful, and therefore ideal for broadcasting live.

The Game Control Unit

Perhaps the most important part of an online casino is the gaming control unit. Each table is attached to a game control unit. The device itself is no larger than a shoebox and its responsibility is to encode the video that is played.


Every online casino has its own roulette wheel, or even several. Casinos work with the major manufacturers of casino games and generally roulettes have their sensors built in and the casino software interfaces with them.

The Croupier

The croupiers are responsible for the management of the game and therefore the player hardly feels the difference between the online format and traditional (“hard”) casino games.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

The security systems used in online casinos, when present, are therefore quite effective against scams. However, completely relying on this guy can sometimes be insufficient. Thus some sites offer a selection of reliable online casinos, but at the same time, several preventive behaviors can be adopted.