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Giving a Record Statement After The Incident in Virginia? Here Are Some Tips to Follow!

After you are hurt on your job in Virginia, and you notify your employer, the insurance claims adjuster will call you up to give a recorded statement. 

Virginia’s workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to assist you clearly on whether you should give your record statement to the adjuster or not. Many companies claim that you will not be eligible for compensation if you refuse to give your record statement. 

Based on your record statement, the insurance company further decides on the workers’ compensation claim -whether you will be receiving total compensation, partial, or no compensation at all. 

Understanding the risks of giving a recorded statement is essential. Your lawyer will guide you on all the details and explain the do’s and don’ts for the record statement better. 

However, if you decide to give your record statements, below are few tips to assist you: 

1: When you are asked for the record statement, do not immediately set up the meeting. Tell the insurance adjuster that you are willing to give the statement, but schedule it after a week or so. Having time in your hand will allow you to avoid mistakes. 

2: While you have a week in hand, consult a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately to understand your case in-depth. For instance, most employees are shocked to find out that their incidents do not fall under workers’ compensation. Therefore, your lawyer will thoroughly help you prove your injury and get a fair claim. 

3: Always opt for written record statements instead of recorded ones. This gives you plenty of time to mention all the minor details about the incident and draft it. 

4: Unless asked, do not give out any additional information for your record statement. Any additional information, even if it is correct, can put you in unnecessary trouble for getting your compensation. Therefore, be very precise with your answers. 

5: If you are unsure about the question asked by the adjuster, do not try to guess the answer. Instead, you can politely ask that you need some time to think about the answer and review the notes. 

6: Make sure you also keep a recording statement by your side. The insurance company asks you to verify the transcript of the statement to see if it’s correct. In case the transcript has issues, you can immediately notify the insurance company when you have your own recordings and get the details accurately.

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