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Framing for all jerseys!

Jerseys are very important for a particular person as it is a proud and proud moment for them to wear their own country’s jersey. One can keep their jersey safe by farming it. One can frame the jersey, photographs or even the medals securely. One can find frames in white, black and other different colours.

The various benefits of jersey framing are:

  • Items that are closed to the heart as jerseys must be placed and protected in a frame. It must be prevented from damages and wear and tear. Jerseys, when exposed to sunlight, can fade the colour away over the years. Framing the jersey can prevent any damage. One must use high-quality and durable frame material to protect the jersey.
  • Valuable items such as sports memorabilia jerseys are rare and are expensive, so they should be maintained properly. It might be risky if one places them in a box stuffed and exposed to sunlight. Placing the jersey in the frame will retain its value and a further increase in the future.
  • One can not only place the jersey in the frame, but other items can also be placed like photographs with the jersey, medals and other things. One can customize their frame depending on what they would like to place inside it.
  • One can show off their jersey with pride. A quality frame can look attractive and stunning with the jersey in it. One can proudly place these frames in a place where one can see them every day with a visually appealing frame.

What are the factors to be considered when getting the jersey framed?

Jersey framing is very crucial as it prevents scratches, damages or any discolourations to the jersey. One can frame jerseys and hang them on the wall. The things one must consider while designing their frames are:

  • Frame: There are two types of frames: a flat box and a shadow box frame. Both are perfect for framing their jerseys, but the shadow box frame allows one to customize it for keeping other things like medals, pictures, plaques etc.
  • Materials: The materials used for framing the jerseys must be durable and light in weight. The backing of the frame should be made of acid-free quality material. The top glass can be made of a regular one, or the lightweight glass can be used. There is a wide range of materials and different colours for the mattings.
  • Display and folding: The jerseys are usually ironed before placing them inside the box frame to avoid folds. The jersey can be placed so that the player’s name and the number should be displayed.
  • Mounting: The jersey must be fitted around a soft material so that the jersey does not come in contact with the pins or screws of the box frame. This mounting will also provide the frame to stay intact in that position and not move.

What are the steps to frame a jersey?

There are a few steps to be followed for framing the jersey in the box frame, and they are:

  • One has to choose the right frame to place their jersey. One can use a shadow box frame with a glass in front and place multiple items in it. One must choose a frame colour that matches the jersey and even the place’s aesthetic where it is kept.
  • One will need a foam backing to keep the jersey in place and an acid-free material that will go on top. The backing should be in a nude colour that will add more value to the jersey.
  • Once all the dimensions of the box and the softcore are cut out, the jersey can be placed inside and other things. One must place the frame securely and arrange it based on one’s likings. Few care and maintenance tips have to be followed to increase the shelf life of the jersey frame.

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