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Four Ways to Streamline the Divorce Process and Save on the Cost

Divorce is usually stressful and expensive. A lot of people avoid divorce proceedings to avoid pain, stress, and the associated costs. Divorce costs can add up quickly with lawyer’s fees, court fees, and separation of contested joint accounts. If you are considering a divorce, you can make the process less expensive when you seek the services of an Alabama divorce lawyer near me. Your attorney will recommend solutions and options to resolve your divorce issues without breaking the banks. Also, being cooperative and taking precautions will help you achieve this. Here’s how you can make your divorce less expensive. 

Have a Prenuptial Agreement in Place

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that you and your spouse-to-be will sign outlining the assets and property each of you owns. Also, it spells out who gets each property if a divorce arises. Without this agreement, the state will determine what happens to the assets when you divorce. You can have a prenup to waive or limit spousal support when you decide to divorce. You can also have a postnuptial agreement after your marriage to achieve the same goals. 

Separate Your Money During Marriage

Even if you marry someone, some of your property remains separate from the property of your spouse.  This includes assets or property you own before the marriage and inheritance and gifts you get during the marriage. In addition, any profits acquired through these assets remain yours. To protect these assets, keep them in a separate account. Also, this will make your divorce process quicker and cheaper. 

Avoid a Formal Discovery Process

Divorce proceedings will require certain information, including asset, property, and tax disclosures. Such information is obtained through a formal discovery process, which is time-consuming and costly. The process requires an attorney’s time, which can add up quickly. If possible, consider providing this information voluntarily to speed up the process and help you save money on lawyer’s fees. 

Communicate with Your Lawyer

Although it is difficult to talk about your divorce, you must express your thoughts clearly with your lawyer to ensure you are on the same page. You must discuss details of your case, so your lawyer knows they are representing your best interests. Being honest will streamline your divorce and could save you money in the final cost. Besides, your conversation can help you get valuable insight from your attorney. Thus, there is no need to fear criticism or judgment from them. 

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