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Football Matchday Programmes: Why They Still Matter

For football fans of a certain age, the traditional printed programme will always be part of the matchday experience. However, some clubs are now considering doing away with the physical matchday programme in favour of a digital version. Considering the football programme has been around since the 1880s getting rid of them altogether would be a big step. Whereas at one-time football fans were happy with some basic team information and club news they now want a whole lot more.

Today’s matchday programmes have become a whole lot bigger and are now full of gloss and colour. This has led to a huge increase in the cost of magazine printing which in turn needs to be passed on to the fans. Now there has been much debate around the cost of going to football these days especially if you are a family so why add more expense buying a programme when you can undoubtedly get all the information online? So, we thought we would have a look at a couple of reasons why buying a matchday programme should still be an essential part of going to the game.

Print is Still Popular

Contrary to popular opinion statistics show that a large percentage of people still prefer to read printed versions of books and magazines over their digital alternatives. This is because it is thought that people invest more in something they have actually purchased and as such will absorb and retain the information much more readily. While things like team information and player profiles can be readily found on social media and other online outlets, having all the information together in one place at the match can be both convenient and reassuring.

Going Completely Digital Could Alienate Part of The Fanbase

Research indicates that older fans still like having the option of a matchday programme for a couple of reasons. While young fans may be completely au fait with the internet and all its benefits it is thought that older fans especially those over 75’s are less likely to use the internet. This means getting rid of printed programmes could well alienate some of your fan bases.

A Printed Programme is a Souvenir

One of the main reasons for buying a programme is that it will be a memento of the big day. Whether that is the first game you attended or a special match such as a cup final your programme will give you something tangible from that game. A printed programme will also evoke memories of the day itself and the highs and lows of the game. I know these days you can watch reruns on all sorts of platforms, getting that programme out to show your friends and talk about the game still having the magic of its own.

Programmes are Collectables

Programmes are a great way to keep a record of all the games you have attended which makes them valuable to the avid football fan. People who have been attending football since long before the digital age see matchday programmes as a reminder of great days out and seminal moments in the history of their club. They are also a reminder of all the different grounds you have visited, some of which may no longer be in existence.


While there are obvious benefits to digital programmes and undoubtedly in today’s internet-driven world many people will prefer them there are still a large number of fans to whom the printed programme along with a pint with your mates will always be a valued part of that trip to the match.

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