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Football betting

Let’s start with the main thing: sports betting is not about making money, but about entertainment. Only scammers promise guaranteed income. Betting will definitely give you emotions, and with a reasonable approach and a bit of luck, it can please you with a big win.

Football is the most popular sport among players. It accounts for about 40% of the volume of bets. Below we will analyze the basics of betting and go from choosing a reliable bookmaker to the main tips for beginners.

How to choose a good bookie for fotball betting

For sports betting, you need a bookmaker. The safety of your funds comes first. Therefore, you should choose a reliable and legal company. You can find the best websites for football betting on

Your winnings depend on the value of the odds – the amount of the bet is multiplied by it. But what to bet on? The best bookmakers provide tens of thousands of matches per line and over a thousand variations for each top event.

The size of the minimum and maximum rates, quick withdrawal of money and a convenient mobile application are also important.

How to make the right bet

Make your own decisions and consider several factors:

1. The current form of teams and statistics of personal meetings;

2. Tournament motivation and the latest news;

3. Starting line-up and place of the match.

There is a huge number of forecasters and experts on the Internet. But they do not make money on bets, but on the sale of their opinion, which is no better than yours.

Trust only your knowledge, analysis and intuition. Start with the championships and teams that you follow regularly.

How much money should I bet? Determine the game bank – start with an amount comparable to spending on other entertainment.

We recommend allocating 1-2% of the game bank for one bet. In this case, even with a series of failures, you will save most of the money.

If you are profitable at a distance, think about increasing the size of the bets.

Typical mistakes are to raise the bet amount after a loss and to bet in a fit of emotion.


Let’s summarize our recommendations:

1. Choose a reliable bookmaker with high odds and a bonus for newbies.

2. Explore the types and markets of bets.

3. Evaluate the teams’ chances by several factors.

4. Determine your game bank.