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Features of betting o the UEFA youth league

Seven years ago, UEFA announced its readiness to create its own UEFA European competition for youth teams – the UEFA Youth League. Clubs were enthusiastic about this initiative, which allowed the reservists to compete internationally and bring players to the base in combat conditions.

แทงบอล most status and significant tournament of the Old World for youth teams always distinguishes by the intensity of passions and the highest level of struggle on every part of the field. It has several important features that a bettor should use in the betting process.


The UEFA Youth League is a unique competition for the youth teams of the strongest European teams. But initially, the tournament grid was divided into two parts:

  • The UEFA Champions League’s path – the line-up is the same as the group stage of the senior competition. 32 teams conduct the competition in the same format, and the best 16 go to the next stage;
  • Path of National Champions – 32 national reserve champions immediately start two-legged survival matches, with the top eight going to play-offs. After this, the playoff stage is held, but each round is plays in one fight, unlike the adult analog.


Do not sit out on the defensive, but from the starting minutes, rush to the attack to demolish the opponent and seize the initiative.Also, only senior teams with a winning score begin to play on hold. In youth football, throughout the 90 minutes, the players create danger at the front gate and score many goals. A total over 2.5 goals is almost ideal for betting on every match.Youth squads do not have such a substantial class difference that can be between the mleadingteams. IAlso even the strongest youth football players do not play reliably on the defensive.Therefore, in the overwhelming number of fights, you can safely flirt with the option for the “Both will score – yes” bet.One of the criticalfeatures of youth football is the crazy starting rush. Teams try to print the opponent’s goal as quickly as possible its size an emotional and game advantage.Therefore, a huge number of goals are scored in the first half. You can flirt and total more than 1onegoal for the starting game segment, and a goal before the 15th minute.


Young men are expressive, and emotions on the football field often overlap them. After any tough tackle or tackle, there is a skirmish, and some fights lead to real fights. The judges from the starting whistle are trying to keep the situation on the field within the bounds of decency, so they do not hesitate to write out yellow cards – usually their total exceeds 4.5. increased emotionality concerns not only the decisive matches, but also the matches of the group stage. 

And if the favorite is inferior to a rather weak team, you can safely lay on the red card. Young footballers rarely take painful defeats calmly.