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Famous slot franchises to play online

While there are many slot games to play, there are an increasing number of sequels being made. These are an attempt by developers to craft a long running slot franchise, there are many reasons why they do this.


A slot franchise is essentially a series of slot games that follow the same theme, using similar aspects of design or gameplay – try online slots Fluffy Favourites. These are very popular with players, with many amazing slot franchises to choose from. A slot that becomes a franchise is something that many players should respect, particularly if it is long running, as it has proven to be so popular that players keep coming back to the unique variations of the slot. A slot franchise is a sign of a quality title, with many variations being made as a result, however players should be aware that the sequels in a franchise don’t always improve on the original. Sometimes the quality of games will depend on your own personal preferences of slot games.


A slot franchise is a very successful series of slot titles. Ultimately, every developer wants a successful franchise of slot games because it means that their games are popular. The following are some of the biggest benefits that come with using a slot franchise. 

  •     It’s familiar – One of the biggest advantages to using a slot franchise game is that you will already have some idea of what to expect. You will be familiar with the design of the title and the characters that are used, this makes it much easier for you to tell if you are going to like it. While there will be variations in the series of slot games, there will always be a feeling of familiarity when you are using them.
  •     Different games – If you love a slot game, it can be incredibly exciting when you discover that it is part of a franchise. This is because the games are ultimately different variations of each other. Often, each subsequent release will improve on the other, resulting in amazing games for the player to try.


Slot franchises are incredibly popular with players, they keep coming back for more. There are several examples of a popular slot franchise that players enjoy. The following are some of the best slot franchises.

  1. Rainbow Riches – This slot franchise is centered entirely around the theme of Irish luck. Many players feel that this slot franchise is the very best to do it, it is certainly one of the longest running ones having been around since the mid 2000s. If you love Irish themed slot games, there really is no other type of game to use!
  2. Megawyas – Megaways is more of a game format than a slot game but it has been very successfully adapted into multiple titles nonetheless. This style of game took over the slot world when it was first released and hasn’t really gone away since.

Final Thoughts 

A successful slot franchise will bring brand recognition and a returning audience to a slot game, everything that a developer could want.