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Factors That Affect Moving Company Quotes

How to hire a good moving company with low-priced quotes? You must have knowledge about the aspects that determine the  best moving quotes. In this article, you can get a detailed description of the factors that affect the cost of moving quotes.

Generally, moving companies pitch expensive quotes to the first-timers or the people who are not aware of the prices. To avoid higher costs and to look like an expert, you need to understand the factors that can affect the price of moving quotes.

Factors that affect the cost of moving quotes

Below are the key factors that are responsible for the change in the cost of moving estimates from various companies. Don’t forget to check the company credentials and reviews by other customers before hiring a moving company.


It’s quite understood that moving objects from a single room would be less expensive than a house with more rooms. This is due to the volume of your belongings to be moved. Both local and long-distance movers charge according to the total weight of the items.

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Local movers charge by the weight of the items and the time taken to deliver them. When you are moving to a locality that is not far away, moving companies charge per hour depending on the time it takes to move. The moving charges vary from company to company, starting from $85 per hour.


Long-distance movers do not charge by time like local movers, but they charge by the distance from the loading point to the unloading point. The average charges are somewhere around 50 cents per mile and 75 cents per pound.

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Moving companies not only transport your belongings, moreover offer to pack your most delicate and valuable items tenderly, load the items into the carrier, and unload them at the delivery location. But all these perks come with great prices! Try to opt for lesser services by managing things on your own or with the help of your friends, to get cheap prices.

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The pick-up location and the drop-off location play an important role in determining the rates of the moving quotes. If the locations are easily reachable by the moving company then the charges would be lesser as compared to the off-beat locations.

Written Agreement

Do not trust any verbal or online moving quote by a company. Such quotes can be challenged for authenticity and it is not a reliable mode of hiring a moving company. You must organise an in-house meeting with the moving company and get a written moving quote with each of your signatures.


May and June are considered to be the best months to move to a new place as more people look to sell properties due to high demands. During these months, moving companies stay busy with a lot of customers which leads to expensive moving quotes. Avoid moving in May and June to get less expensive quotes. Click Here: ifun tv


During summer, children enjoy their vacations and families looking to move as it won’t hamper their children’s studies. Summer is the peak season to move due to high demands. As a result, you will get high-priced moving quotes during this season. Winter is the least expensive month due to harsh weather conditions. One can look to move during winter for cheap moving quotes.


After month and season, days also play an inevitable role in affecting the prices of moving company quotes. To get the moving quotes, one must look to move on weekdays rather than moving on a weekend. Moving companies often stay less busy during the weekdays and are more likely to give flexible deals.

Stairs & Elevator

If the movers have to take your items through stairs then the moving company would charge a higher price as mentioned in your quote. Having an elevator can help you save time and money as it eases the work of the movers.

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