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Fact. What games do athletes choose to play?

The determination of famous athletes is legendary. The world’s best athletes train six hours a day to be the best at their sport. They are just as passionate about their choice of entertainment. To distract themselves from the daily pressures, many choose gambling in which they also strive to become the best.


Neymar considers himself an avid poker player and does not miss opportunities to participate in major tournaments.

The striker of the French club Paris Saint-Germain loves poker and does not hide it. He sometimes plays with his friends and shares his successes on social media. But this is not enough to please his vanity. Neymar quite often participates in official poker competitions. In 2018, he registered for the Brazil Series Of Poker (BSOP) high roller tournament from PokerStars. The famous soccer player managed to beat 280 participants and even reached the final. Neymar came in sixth place on the list of the top 8 players, and his winnings totaled $21,000. At that time, the player’s salary in PSG was 3 million euros a month, and of course, he was not fighting for money.

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Tiger Woods

The first billionaire among professional athletes, Tiger Woods at the peak of his career enjoyed airing the money he earned on golf at various casinos in Las Vegas. He was a regular at the MGM Casino and even earned VIP status not only because of his fame but also because of his big bets. Woods preferred blackjack, and he bet at least $25,000 on every hand. It was rumored that the king of golf once lost $1 million in one night.

Michael Jordan.

During his NBA career, Michael Jordan liked to have fun at the casino gambling tables.

The legendary basketball player enjoyed conquering off-the-chart heights both on the basketball court and in his passion for gambling. In his book on the life of MJ, Roland Lazenby describes an episode of a casino party that Michael Jordan threw with the famous American soccer player, Adam Jones. They chose craps for fun, but what happened next was hardly a friendly game. Jordan wouldn’t let anyone touch the dice, rolling the dice alone all night long. His obsession with winning was exhausting. Jones later claimed that MJ left $5 million in the casino that night.

Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney often repeats that he can afford to bet big on roulette.

Red Devil Wayne Rooney, a legend of the Manchester United club, gives himself to playing on and off the soccer field with equal fervor. At the casino, his favorite games include blackjack, roulette, and online slots.

He once bet 65,000 sterling (over $85,000) in just two hours. Rooney is not afraid of big losses, saying he can afford them. But not only video slots and roulette are the source of big expenses for the famous soccer player. In 2006 the British media have caught the star of English soccer in addition to betting.

According to sports journalists, a total of strikers spent on bets 700,000 pounds (about $ 920,000).

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Golfer John Daly is also known for his addiction to gambling and casinos. At one time he lost more than 1.5 million dollars by placing maximum bets in slot machines. The total amount of his losses are about 50 million U.S. dollars.

Perhaps the greatest number of fans of gambling is among soccer players.

Legendary Manchester United and England player Wayne Rooney was also seen at the blackjack table and betting in bookmakers. Once Rooney lost 65 thousand pounds in a few hours in a casino. Also, the press wrote about Wayne’s loss of 700,000 pounds for playing in the sweepstakes.

But not only “Shrek” is a fan of gambling. Among the top players we can also remember Zinedine Zidane, Gianluigi Buffon and Francesco Totti.

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Brazilian Ronaldo once joined the PokerStars team of sports stars.

“Whatever I do, I want to be the best, whether it’s in everyday life or soccer. Poker is another exciting challenge for me: I have to read my opponents and choose the best strategy to win,” commented Ronaldo.

Among the current top soccer players advertise poker also Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The players of English Leicester received 10,000 pounds each from the owner of the club to celebrate their victory in last season’s Premier League match. Recall that it was Claudio Ranieri’s team that became the best club in the APL last season.

Famous people are more stressed than others, so they try to recoup in something else. In this material, we have listed only the most famous cases when athletes were spotted playing gambling, poker, or casino, how many of them are very difficult to say.

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