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1Win Express Bonus

Despite the fact that recently a lot of new products have appeared in the line of 1Win casino bonuses, the site owners are trying not to forget about those customers who still prefer sports betting. Among the permanent rewards, you can find a gift for the first deposit, cashback, a leaderboard and an accumulator bonus, which we will talk about today.

1Win Accumulator Bonus: how to get plus 15% to the winning amount

It is no secret that express betting is especially popular with bettors, both experienced and beginners. There are several reasons for this: on the one hand, in terms of complexity, this type of bet surpasses the traditional single bet, but at the same time it is inferior to the system, which is capable of very few. To issue a winning accumulator, it is enough to have a good knowledge of a particular sports discipline (or several) and a bit of luck. You can use the express on the site after registration and get a bonus.


Secondly and most importantly, unlike the ordinary, which is not so easy to raise big money, the express allows you to quickly win a large amount by multiplying the coefficients in the coupon. So, for example, if you entered into a single for 100 rupees with a coefficient of 3.50 and the forecast came in, then your winnings will be 350 rupees. If you made an express bet with three events and a similar odd for each for the same amount, you can get several times more:

100 x (3.5×3.5×3.5) = 4287.5 RUB

The benefit is obvious, but the 1Win Express Bonus allows you to make it even more tangible.

How to get a bonus?

The principle of bonus accrual is very simple: the more events in the coupon, the more the better gets at the exit (the minimum threshold is 5).


1Win Express bonus is issued according to the same principle as a regular express. Having decided on the choice, we perform five mandatory steps:

  • We pass authorization;
  • Click on the selected coefficients;
  • We check the electronic form of the coupon on the right side of the page (at this stage, changes are allowed, so if you wish, you can delete any event, accept or reject odds fluctuations, etc.);
  • Specify the amount that you are ready to put down;
  • We confirm our choice.

After the funds have been debited from the account, it remains only to wait for the events to complete and the bet to be calculated. If the bet is successful, congratulations – 1Win Express Bonus is yours!

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