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Exercise bikes: which one is better to buy? Tips and recommendations

If you are thinking of buying an exercise bike to train at home at any time of the day, be it cold, rain or shine, you can follow these tips to select the exercise bike that is right for your needs.

Selecting the right exercise bike requires us to ask ourselves a few questions. Apart from price or size, something key in small houses, the main factor to assess is actually ourselves: Why do we want it? Do we need it to move our legs a little or are we going to train with it intensively? Do we need it to save us, spinning classes? Is it for an elderly person? It is for the whole family? What are our intentions?

All these questions and some others should help us make a choice between two aspects: the classic best exercise bikes, which takes up less space (some are even foldable), cheap and for all ages, or the buoyant spinning bikes, which reproduce much more faithfully what it is to hit the road with a bike, built to train intensely, but instead heavier, larger and at a higher price. Let’s see what key points the selection of each of these bicycles have, because in this way we may find more clues about which is the most suitable option for us.

Tips for buying a stationary bike

A conventional stationary bicycle is recommended for non-intense pedaling, offering the user comfort and allowing the saddle and handlebar to be adjusted both in height and depth to a simpler position than is usually needed to ride a street bike or even a bike. the spinning one

One of the factors that make this type of bicycle more affordable is that it comes with a not very complex resistance system, since this raises the price, as is the case with spinning bicycles. In principle, in stationary bicycles we will find two: mechanics, the simplest and in which by turning a thread we will increase or decrease friction. On the other hand, we have magnetic resistance, with more possibilities and that has automatic programs that vary the intensity of the friction.

It is common for this type of bicycle to have a comfortable seat that allows us to pedal without having to grab the handlebars. The height of the saddle and handlebars are adjustable for comfort. The mid-range and high-end stationary bikes come with an LCD screen that will offer us basic data such as the distance traveled or the time we have been on the bike. In some cases, even the heart rate is also reflected. The most recent models have Bluetooth connectivity to our smartphone or with heart rate sensors.

This type of bicycle is lighter than a spinning one and also in some cases they are foldable, so after using it we can move it to an area of ​​the house where it does not bother. The price of this type of bike is more adjusted, as we can see in these examples:

Best spinning bikes

We have a wide variety of spinning bike models for sale, with affordable prices for all budgets. These are some examples:

Cecotec UltraFlex 25

This Cecotec UltraFlex 25 spinning bike and best magnetic spin bikes is one of the most complete options we have. It comes with a 25kg flywheel and Ultraflex system, a damping system that offers sensations of a real road bike. It has a belt drive, height-adjustable triathlon handlebars, a sports saddle… It lacks nothing. In addition, its control panel with LCD screen shows us the speed, time, distance traveled, calories consumed and heart rate at all times to keep a good track of our training. 

Cecotec PowerActive

An option that may be cheaper for us is this Cecotec PowerActive, although its benefits are lower than in other models. It comes with a 13-kilo flywheel with a belt drive. It includes a 3-position height-adjustable handlebar, covered with non-slip foam, and an LCD screen with a control panel that shows speed, time, distance, and calories consumed. 

Gridinlux Trainer Alpine 8000 Bike

This striking orange Gridinlux bike is the Trainer Alpine 8000 model and it seems like a good opportunity: it incorporates a 25-kilo flywheel and a robust design for intensive use. It incorporates an LCD screen with a display of parameters such as speed, time, distance, and calories consumed. It comes with an ergonomic Air Soft saddle and aluminum pedals with an extra grip system for the sole.

Spinning Fit Force Bike

This Spinning Fit Force bike is one of the best value for money options. It comes with a 24-kilo flywheel which will allow us to pedal smoothly and comfortably. Made of steel and very robust, the handlebar has three adjustment points and the saddle five to be able to adapt it to our measurements. It includes a screen where you can see the calories, speed, etc. 

BH Fitness Indoor Bike

BH, the legendary city bike brand, also manufactures spinning bikes, this Indoor model being a good purchase option. It comes with a 22-kilo flywheel, which should be more than enough to ensure stable pedaling. It allows the regulation of the braking intensity thanks to a friction system and includes a multifunction LCD monitor that allows us to control RPM, time, calories, distance, time, and pulse. 

Evergy Indoor Bike

For those with a large budget, this Evergy Indoor Bike can be a great option. It stands out for its smooth running and silent belt transmission, with magnetic resistance. According to the manufacturer specially designed to provide comfort to the user. It incorporates a flywheel with a weight of 21 kilos.