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Essential Equipment for Volleyball

In this advancing generation, the youths are far more punctual and active. Maximum juveniles love sports too much. A vast number of them start taking proper training in multiple sports categories. Among the most popular sports, Volleyball is one. However, Volleyball is the most charming game, and it can moreover be the reason for pain or injury. And therefore, they need proper training equipment for volleyball.

A List of Volleyball Equipment

Around 24 million people in America are engaged in Volleyball. If a youth has a great desire to step into this world of Volleyball seriously, they must have a deep knowledge of training equipment for volleyball.

Volleyball: The hero ingredient of a volleyball is synthetic leather or pure leather. It can be of various colors or a single color. There is a rubber bladder in it. The weight depends between 9 to 10 ounces. However, the material and weight differ from age to age. For kid volleyball players, it’s always better to use synthetic leather balls with 8 ounces minimum.

Shoes: One of the essential pieces of equipment for Volleyball is shoes. The sole of the boots is made of gum rubber. There is a valid reason for using gum rubber as it helps to support the players’ feet from any wrong movement. The shoes have a thick pad in their front portion. Therefore, players can’t feel much pain if they jump continuously. It’s always good to see if a player chooses a low-heel shoe made of leather.

Knee Pads: For volleyball players, knee pads are another essential piece of equipment. Knee pads are always beneficial because they can protect every player from getting injured badly. There are various kinds of knee pads available in the market. As per age, one has to choose the pads. Beginners must have to use the pads as they have a high tendency to get hurt during their game. Though the pads are thick enough, they are more comfortable to wear.

Ankle Braces: When players play Volleyball daily, they may confront issues on their ankles, feet, etc. To prevent those parts, ankle braces are the best. However,  technically it’s not mandatory. But for additional safety, ankle braces are required. The cost varies from $20 to $40. The measurement of the ankle braces starts from 10 inches.

Elbow Pads: Elbow pads are less critical than knee pads. But beginners should take their time. On the other hand, the experts furthermore attempt sincerely to win the game. At that point, the elbow pads are necessary to stave off any uncertain wound. The cost of the elbow pads starts from $10.

Socks: In the pile of shoes and pads, one may forget the importance of socks. But it’s also a piece of vital training equipment for volleyball. In Volleyball, there are medleys of movements. Any sudden changes in the activity can summon harm to the players’ legs. So, using socks is crucial. In a long-term volleyball league, the players often use double socks for extra protection. But the socks must be fitted to their legs.

Shorts: The players must always pay attention to the necessity of volleyball shorts. It must be comfortable enough to allow each player to move freely during the game. The fabric of the shorts must be high in quality.

T-shirt: The T-shirt plays a vital role in Volleyball. Not only mandatory equipment but also to present a perfect appearance, the volleyball t-shirt is pressed for. The fabric always depends on the weather. However, the players should always go for sports T-shirts with quality materials.

Sun Protection Gear: The volleyball game will be more fun when it’s played on the beach. The sun shines brightly right on a beach. Sometimes, the players let them play by wearing light sportswear. It may become harmful for many players. They should take sun protection cream, lip balm, a hat, and full-length t-shirts. Even sunglass is essential to be worn.


With proper training equipment for volleyball, it’ll be a little easier to play. Though pepper training is given to the players, the kit still works as a safeguard for them. Apart from equipment, the players should always practice proper stretches and work out regularly. Each volleyball player should maintain plenty of water and a healthy diet.

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