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EB- 1 Visa: Documentation, Processing Time and More!

EB-1 visas have their own perks. To understand the documentation and eligibility, you must contact a visa lawyer. A lawyer will not only know about your eligibility, but they can also help you understand all the other details. 

How can one qualify to apply for an EB-1 visa? 

All the applicants must be well versed in their profession, be it Medical, Sports, Entertainment, or even Business – Applicants must be extraordinary in their work. All you need to do is submit a self-petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, and an EB-1 Visa Lawyer in Dallas will handle the rest. 

Evidence of your extraordinary ability: 

Regardless of your area of expertise, you can either provide receipts of your exceptionally high salary, your work that has covered immense media attention, or even achieved Nobel prizes for your excellence. 

Application process: 

Before applying for any employment-based green card, one needs a recruitment letter from a US company. Further, there is an essential process for you to obtain a PERM labor certification from the department of labor. Once that is done, you will fill an application letter with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. 

Finally, through the adjustment status, you will be notified whether your visa is available or not. Once your I-140 application is approved, you will have to submit another application (I-485) form to register as a permanent resident. If that form is approved, too, you will legally be a permanent US resident.

The application cost for IB-1A: 

If you want to adjust your status, as in you are already living in the United States, then the respective fees are:

  •  I-140 filing fees: $460
  • I-485 fees : $750 to $1140
  • Biometric (depending on the situation) : $85
  • Premium fees: $1140

For others, living outside the United States, the IB-1A fees are:

  • I-140 filing fees: $460
  • DS-260 fees: $230
  • Affidavit support fees: $88
  • Biometric (depending on the situation) : $85
  • Premium fees: $1140

Green card processing time (IB-1A)

By obtaining IB-1A status, you will have many benefits; for instance, their service is usually faster than other green cards’ (EB-2 and EB-3) processing time. You neither need any permanent job in the US nor any unique signature from your company’s authorities to apply for this petition. Yes, you can do it for yourself! 

To make your process quicker and get some peace of mind, you can consult an EB-1 Lawyer. They will verify whether you fulfill the criteria of the EB-1 achievement requirements and help you with the solutions if you indeed lack something.

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