Monday, December 4, 2023
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Dunsborough Is The Best Place To Celebrate Leavers Week

Many students find themselves in a weird emotional state as the end of their high school journey looms, so they may want to consider celebrating leavers 2023 in Dunsborough with friends instead of the usual hot spots.

What is Leavers Week?

Leavers Week is a UK celebration which takes place in mid-June. It marks the end of second term at school and the start of summer holidays. The week is celebrated with events such as parties, bonfire night and family BBQs.

Why Celebrate Leavers Week in Dunsborough?

Dunsborough is the perfect place to celebrate Leavers Week. With so many things to do in the town, there is something for everyone. Here are just a few of the reasons why Dunsborough is the best place to celebrate Leavers Week:

-Dunsborough has plenty of places to eat, drink and stay overnight. There are restaurants, pubs and hotels all within easy walking distance. There’s also a wide range of shops and galleries to explore.

-The beach is perfect for a relaxing day out. There are plenty of sun loungers and parasols available, as well as showers and toilets if needed. The water is clean and clear, making it the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day.

-There are plenty of activities available to keep kids entertained. There are rides at the amusement park, go-karts and mini golf at the resort, as well as puppet shows, live music venues and more.

-Dunsborough has a rich history that can be explored on foot or by bike. The town centre is very close to the heart of Dunsborough and there are plenty of interesting places to visit nearby.