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Does card counting apply to online casinos? 

Whilst there is ultimately no way that a gambler can completely predict or influence the outcome of a gambling game (unless they are cheating of course) there are definitely a load of key things that you can do in order to give yourself the best chance of a win possible. People that don’t gamble can tend to see the whole thing as some silly game of chance, but in reality casino pros are able to boost their winnings by following various pieces of strategy – visit

This has always been a thing of course, however because of modern computing power and technology the world of casino tactics has never been better. Nowadays with blackjack, for example, super-computers have worked out the best play at any stage of the game, and remembering this can help you win much more. Card counting is another great blackjack technique, but can you use it with online casinos? 

An overview of online casinos 

Before we get into answering the question of whether card counting applies at online casinos or not, let’s just have an online casino round up for any complete newcomers. Online casino was first invented in the 1990s, although it really reached peak popularity around 2010 and onwards, where essential technological discoveries were made. 

These days online casino gambling accounts for well over half of overall casino related revenue, and that is all down to the staple games like online blackjack, or the amazing selection of online slots currently on offer. Due to the competition between different online casino sites you will also find that they commonly offer great bonus rewards. 

What is card counting? 

Right then, onto card counting. This is a technique that was devised for blackjack players quite a while ago, and one that is quite common to see across popular culture. Here it is given a slightly illegal reputation, like in The Hangover, however in reality card counting isn’t actually illegal, it’s just that casinos aren’t the biggest fans as you might expect. 

With blackjack card counting the basic idea is quite simple – the key is to keep track of all the cards being dealt, as this will give you the necessary tools to estimate what cards are left in the deck. Using this knowledge you can then make blackjack plays with a lot more astute tactical thought.

Can you use card counting at online casinos? 

By now you must be able to see that card counting is a pretty great tactic to use at casinos, but does it work at online casinos?

Unfortunately the answer is no, we hate to disappoint you! Because of Random Number Generators card counting at online casinos isn’t possible. It’s all because of the way the card deck is constantly being shuffled. 

Top online casino tips 

We thought that information might be a bit disappointing, so here are some top online casino tips to cheer you up!

  •         Never play American roulette where possible, it has much worst odds.
  •         Prioritise high RTP online slot games for the maximum chance of winning.