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Difficulties of working with freelancers

Difficulties of working with freelancers when creating web projects. What the customer needs to consider, so as not to be disappointed in the result.

What is better: to choose a web-studio or turn to a freelancer?

This is probably the main question that asks the customer site before making a decision and investing in the development.

Any option of choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Before ordering the development of a web project from one of the parties, you need to clearly understand what problems you may encounter in the process.

In this article we would like to share our experience of working with remote workers and give some advice on how to get the result you expect when assigning a job to a freelancer.

The main advantage of working with a freelancer is the low cost of the implemented project. This is probably the main thing that attracts customers. But there is quite a big ball of problems, which brings with it the work of a private person. If you decide to order the site from a private person, you should consider the following:

1. The project should have a clear description (terms of reference) that will allow you to adequately assess the amount of work performed by the freelancer, so that in the end there is no misunderstanding of what exactly should and should not be done by the employee, for the agreed payment between you. The most common conflict between the employer who ordered the corporate website from a private person, and the performer is that the customer does not consider the work done in full, while the freelancer holds the opposite opinion. This leads to the fact that the latter refuses to bring to the end of the superior from its point of view of the volume of requirements. Only a detailed description of the future project can save you from such a conflict.

2. If you have decided to entrust the website development to a freelancer, you need to pay special attention to control the implementation of the work in the appointed period. Practice shows that absolutely all employees working on a remote basis, tend to delay the process, and usually leave most of the work for the last day or two remaining before delivery of the project. At best, it ends up in receiving work with various deficiencies, and at worst, there is a serious failure to meet deadlines. This situation can also be avoided in a fairly simple way: when ordering a website from a freelancer, request a breakdown of the project into as short stages with fixed time for each of them and use time tracking and invoicing for freelancers. This will allow you to control both the timing and the quality of the work itself. The optimal variant, when any of the stages does not exceed one and a half to two weeks while two months are required to implement the entire project.

The third difficulty with which you may encounter, developing the site from a private person, the inability to get your work in case of unforeseen failure of the performer. Here perhaps the only option that you will have to either accept the failure of terms, or look for another performer. Secure yourself by setting aside for each stage of work additional 30% of the time, without announcing it to the performer. In this way you will always have time to orientate yourself and find a way out in the event of an emergency situation.

4 Finally, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the work done (which is quite common), then you are unlikely to have the opportunity to change this situation.

Ordering a website from a web-studio, you can be sure that several people are working on the project. As a rule, these are two designers, each of which draws its concept of the site, layout, forming a html-mock-ups pages, programmer, tester, animator and finally the manager, overseeing the conduct of the project. It is clear that no matter how brilliant a person, he can not equally well combine in one person so many diverse specialties.

To summarize, it is possible to say that you should not completely refuse to work with freelancers. But it is desirable to entrust them only fairly short-term and not too complex projects, both in terms of design and in terms of software parts. If you plan to order the site for their company, it is very well weigh the pros and cons, calculating the economic benefits of working with the private entrepreneur, taking into account the risks described above. It is better option for you to know about ask me anything.

The difficulty is that, choosing freelance, you will need to take on the function not just the customer, but in fact the head of the project, testing the quality of work performed, controlling the timing, coordinating the process. But in the case of a small one-step tasks that are not tightly bound to deadlines – this method of work is fully justified, and it really is more profitable option than turning to a web-studio.

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