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Darts Betting Explained

As a sport, darts has grown massively over the past few years. An increase in tournaments’ prize money and a rise in the number of audiences haven’t contributed to the worldwide popularity darts has enjoyed. With this in mind, it is only natural for darts betting to gain attention among sports betting gamblers.

What types of betting are available in darts? What are the various darts betting markets? These questions and more will be explained in this comprehensive guide while providing you with all you must know on darts betting.

Darts as a Sport

Darts is a sport that is on the rise and the latest PDC World Championship has contributed to this. Darts was a sport that was only played in various pubs across the country. It was only when players like Eric Bristow and Jocky Wilson started showing great dart skills that the people began to pay close attention.

The most popular darts player of all time is arguably Phil Taylor, a household name who won a record 16 World Championships in darts. Now, you will find thousands of spectators in various arenas across the globe trying to watch the darting events. From the Premier League across Europe to the World Championships at Ally Pally, there are several darts tournaments to enjoy.

Betting on Darts

Players can bet on several markets in darts, including most 180s, correct scores, handicap markets, and more. There are over 18 major tournaments in the year that can be bet on. These include the World Cup and the World Championships. This is the best time to embrace darts betting.

When it comes to darts betting, players can place bets on an online darts live league, with great odds and a reasonable range of markets and events to enjoy.

How to bet successfully on Darts

In terms of form, betting successfully on darts is no different from other sports. Oftentimes, a player in good form in the tournament will likely do well in the tournament. The same way there are consistent players in other sports that deliver positive results, you can find consistent players in different tournaments to bet on.

You should also consider the averages that players have when they enter matches. After all, a better average translates to better form. Good players in darts often aim for a three dart average that is above 95. The highest dart average often ends up as the winner.

However, this is not always the case. This is similar to possession stats or shots on target stats in football, where the better team can end up losing an important match. Oftentimes, when chances are not taken advantage of, the essence of average is thrown out of the window.

Darts Betting Markets Explained

There are lots of markets in darts betting and this ranges from the standard win markets to the number of legs a player can win. This section will explain more.

Match Betting

Just like any other sports, straight match betting in darts involves two players competing against each other and you choose the one you back to win. While most of these markets involve selecting one to win, certain tournaments can have matches resulting in draws. For this, a draw market is an option to consider.

Handicap Markets

Darts matches involve players getting a certain amount of sets or legs to emerge as a winner of a game. There are some events, such as the Premier League, in which 14 legs are played. Handicap betting involves considering the best. With this in mind, a -3.5 handicap on a 9-2 game would have the winner at 5.5-2, which implies winning the bet.

Handicap betting plays a huge role in live betting in darts and the handicap market offers so much more value when it comes to odds. During the earlier rounds of darts tournaments, higher seed players are often pitted against lower-ranked opponents. This implies that the odds are much lower and nets can be placed on handicap markets at better odds.

Most 180s

Oftentimes, this market is on a straight match and gamblers can bet on the player that gets the most 180s in a game. 180 represents the highest score that can be received during a single visit and this happens when a player hits three treble 20s at the Oche.

Correct Score

Correct score betting involves predicting the final result when it comes to the sets in the match. Sometimes, it is possible to bet on legs too, even though this may not be the best option.

Highest Checkout

This bet allows you to select the player that will have the best checkout in the match. In darts, the highest checkout possible is 170.


Darts betting is on the rise. However, to make the most of it, you must familiarize yourself with how it works.

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