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Customize Files with PDF Editor

PDFs are ideal for file creation and distribution to a specific audience. But what if your file isn’t perfect, or there’s a need to customize it slightly? Portable file editors have simplified the task of updating documents.

You have complete control over the PDFs when using file editing software. It adds interactive buttons, hyperlinks, drop-down menus, signatures, image stamps, and full-page note fields and converts them into other formats.

An edit PDF software simplifies the annotation of any type of compressed document. Using templates, you can either modify an existing file or create a new one from scratch. Furthermore, some of these tools, such as Lumin, do not require any software installation.

There is more to know about customizing portable files and how they used to look before major improvements, the breakthroughs they made, and how you can modify files.

What PDF Editors Used to Look Like

Creating a portable file was much more difficult before the advent of Adobe Acrobat and other editors. The PDF editor options were bundled with other software and included features that most users never required. The PDF editing app is advanced with incomprehensible features to the average user.

An interactive form was required to create a document that could be displayed and modified on any device. An interactive form is a set of codes that instructs the reader on how to interact with each section of the PDF.

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To improve the visual appeal of a text, you’d have to fiddle with your document’s formatting and ensure it showed up correctly on every device. That could be overwhelming for someone who just wanted to create a simple document, even more so for someone who had never worked with code before.

What a Breakthrough Did PDF Editors Make?

With advanced cloud computing and the popularity of mobile devices, portable file editors are becoming more user-friendly. This editing software has made it simple for anyone to customize their documents without having to learn difficult technical jargon or code.

The PDF text editor software gives you complete control over the appearance and feel of your file. As a result, you can create something precisely tailored to your requirements without starting over every time.

Portable file editing software made the following possible:

  • Customize your files more easily. These tools allow you to edit PDF documents by annotation and rotating or cropping to attain the desired layout Others offer more advanced features, such as adding images or converting your file from one format to another.
  • Users can now access different text editors directly from their phones. You no longer have to wait until you have access to a computer to edit or send your copy to be edited by someone else. Everything is possible on your device.
  • Modify your document’s layout. For example, if you have a multi-page document with pages laid out in landscape format but want them to be printed as portrait pages, you can use the rotate feature on the editor.
  • Include interactive elements, such as buttons and links, within your documents to provide more functionality when viewed on mobile devices or tablets. You can also use a PDF editor to sign forms without first printing them.
  • Use it as a redacted document example to send confidential documents to others while concealing sensitive information.

Examples of Perfectly Customized PDFs

With editing tools, you can easily customize PDFs. But what if you want more than just a customized file? You can personalize a file, limit its accessibility by adding personal touches, and save‌ a document as a PDF once you’ve added all of your elements.

Here are a few examples of perfectly tailored PDFs:

  1. Make a professional resume with your name at the top, the name of the company below, and your contact information. You can format the text to fit on a single page, but keep in mind that all relevant information must be included.
  2. A business brochure that includes your logo and contact information at the top, as well as an overview of your products/services with images and custom links throughout the document. You can also include custom links at the bottom of each page so that readers can quickly return to the start.
  3. You create a personalized holiday card with your photo on top and an inside message from you. The holiday card can then be emailed to friends, family, or coworkers and save email as PDF.

How to Customize File With PDF Editor

Although document readers include spell check and font selection, it is challenging to format and annotate a file as you would in MS Word. The editing software helps you customize files as follows.

  1.  Access your browser and search the editing app to use
  2. Check the toolbar, and click on Edit File. You can access the file from the internet or upload it from your desktop.
  3. After selecting the file, tap on the actions you want to perform on your doc, if there are parts to remove, use the whiteout feature. For example, click on T, highlight the part you want to modify, white out and type the new information.
  4. To add images and graphics, select insert followed by image or graph. Then, click on the image, and it gets instantly added.
  5. When you are through, click on Done, and the changes you make are auto-synced and saved.

Some of the best choice PDF editors include:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a paid pdf editing software. Still, if you’re wondering how to merge PDFs into one file, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will let you edit multiple pages and combine multiple documents into one file.
  • Nitro Pro 9 is a software to edit PDF documents that includes annotation tools for highlighting text and adding sticky notes anywhere on the page.
  • LuminPDF is a free online editor that allows users to annotate, sign, and comment on files, highlight text, crop pages, and draw lines on images. In addition, you can use Lumin to create customized templates and merge PDF safe.
  • Xodo PDF Reader to read and annotate files without making any changes. Users can also highlight text sections in their documents to make them easier to find.

Key takeaway

File editing software can create a variety of customized files, such as annotations, bookmarks, and redactions. An editor with the appropriate features can be a valuable tool for swiftly customizing documents. It is essential to learn how to alter a file before using these editing programs. They save you time and allow you to complete your editing tasks in minutes.