Crypto Slots Online Vs Other Slots Games

Up until a few years ago, the concept of crypto online slots was a strange phenomenon to online gamers and gamblers. The thrill and fun of having access to our favourite slot games right in the comfort of our rooms without stepping an inch near a casino was enough satisfaction for online gamers – play today.

However, since crypto became a legitimate means of wealth acquisition across the world, the need for crypto slots online became imminent. Let’s look at how crypto slots online weigh against other slots games.

Crypto Slots online vs Other Slot Games

When weighing crypto slots online (CSO) against other slot games (OSG) and vice versa, there are certain pointers we must consider:

  1. Safety and Security

  • CSO: Since only the e-wallet address is required, personal and confidential information is safeguarded and well secured on crypto slots online
  • OSG: The request for credit/debit card information renders confidential information at great risk if not handled properly.
  1. Identity Protection

  • CSO: It promotes anonymity as the e-wallet address conceals the player’s personal information.
  • OSG: No room for anonymity as the player’s identity is reflected in every bank transfer or credit/debit card transaction.
  1. Convenience

  • CSO: Request for information is one time, after which crypto transfers can be done limitlessly with ease.
  • OSG: Information is required at every credit/debit card transaction and bank transfers for security; hence, a little inconvenient.
  1. Transaction fees

  • CSO: Crypto transactions are done at little or no costs. Transaction fees, if any, are very minimal.
  • OSG: Transactions are subject to bank charges, credit/debit card transaction fees which could eat well into the winnings.
  1. Speed of Transactions

  • CSO:           Crypto transactions are completed instantly.
  • OSG:           It may take a few days to complete a credit/debit card transaction.
  1. RTP

  • CSO: There is a higher return percentage rate to players, sometimes up to 99% payout in Bitcoin.
  • OSG: The return to player percentage is relatively lower.

What are crypto slots online games? VS What are other slots games?

An understanding of these two types of slots games is better aided in the table below:

1. They accept cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., as means of payment to deposit and withdraw funds. They accept real money, e.g. GBP, USD, Euro, etc., as means of funding and withdrawal.


2. All funding, withdrawals, wins, losses and bonuses may strictly be in crypto or a combination of both crypto and fiat currencies. All funding, withdrawals, wins, losses, and bonuses are strictly in fiat currencies.


3. Funding and withdrawal are made in crypto transfers via virtual wallet address. Deposit and Withdrawals are through traditional means of payment such as Bank transfers, debit/credit cards and e-payment platforms such as Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, etc.


Crypto slots online afford players a number of opportunities over other slot games. Whichever category a player chooses is usually influenced by some factors such as funds availability, know-how, personal preference, and so on. However, with the fast rate at which crypto slots online are growing, it is understandable why many pick crypto slots online over other slot games.

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