Covid Pandemic Rescheduled Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is a rivalry between European men’s groups coordinated by UEFA. It was made arrangements for June 12-July 12, 2020, on account of the Covid it’s rescheduled. Twenty-four out of eleven groups will take an interest in fifty-one games in eleven groups. Euro 2021 schedule from Eleventh June to eleventh July 2021. The BBC and ITV own the UK’s communicating rights for EUFA 2021.


The following are the Sets information:

  • Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, and Wales comprise on Set A
  • Russia, Belgium, Finland, and Denmark are includes in Set B.
  • Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, and Netherland consist of Set C.
  • England, Scotland, Czech Republic, Croatia contains Set D.
  • Slovakia, Sweden, Poland, and Spain delimits to Set E.
  • Portugal, France, Germany, and hungry involve in Set F.

Euro 2021 Schedule

Here is the comprehensive euro 2021 schedule

List of matches in Rome

  • Eleventh June 2021 turkey _ Italy
  • Sixteenth June 2021 Italy ¬_ Switzerland
  • Twentieth June 2021 Italy _ Wales

List of matches in Baku 

  • Twelfth June 2021 Wales – Switzerland
  • Twentieth June 2021 Switzerland ¬_ Turkey

List of matches in Copenhagen 

  • Twelfth June, 21 Finland-Denmark
  • Seventeenth June, 21 Belgium _ Denmark
  • 21st June 21 Denmark _Russia

List of matches in Saint Petersburg

  • Twelfth June 21 Russia _Belgium
  • Sixteenth June, 21 Russia _ Finland
  • Twenty-First June, 21 Belgium _ Finland

List of matches in Amsterdam

  • Thirteenth June 2021 Ukraine _ Netherland
  • Seventeenth June 2021 Austria _ Netherlands
  • Twenty-first June 2021 Netherland _ North Macedonia

List of matches in Bucharest

  • Thirteenth June 2021 North Macedonia _ Austria
  • Seventeenth June 2021 North Macedonia _ Ukraine
  • Twenty-First June 2021 Austria _ Ukraine

List of matches in London

  • Thirteenth June 2021 Croatia _ England
  • Eighteenth June 2021 England _ Scotland
  • Twenty-Second June 2021 England _ the Czech Republic

List of matches in Glasgow 

  • Fourteenth June 2021 Scotland _ the Czech Republic
  • Eighteenth June, 21 Croatia ¬_ the Czech Republic
  • Twenty-Second June 2021 Scotland _ Croatia

List of matches in Bilbao

  • Fourteenth June 2021 Sweden _ Spain
  • Nineteenth June, 21 Poland _ Spain
  • Twenty Third June 2021 Spain _ Slovakia

List of matches in Dublin 

  • Fourteenth June 2021 Slovakia _ Poland
  • Eighteenth June 2021 Slovakia _ Sweden
  • Twenty Third June 2021 Poland _ Sweden

List of matches in Budapest 

  • Fifteenth June 2021 Portugal _ Hungary
  • Nineteenth June 2021 France _ Hungary
  • Twenty-third June 2021 France _ Portugal

List of matches in Munich 

  • Fifteenth June 2021 Germany _ France
  • Nineteenth June 2021 Germany _ Portugal
  • Twenty Third June 2021 Germany _ Hungary


Round of 16

Twenty-Sixth June 2021 

  • Second in set A _ second in set B ( London )
  • First in set A _ second inset C (Amsterdam)

Twenty Seventh June 2021 

  • First in Group C _ Third in the gathering of D, E or F ( Bilbao)
  • First in Group B _ Third in bunch A, D, E, or F (Budapest)

Twenty-Eighth June 2021

  • Second in bunch D _ second in Group E (Bucharest)
  • First in Group F _ third in Group A, B, or C (Copenhagen)

Twenty-Ninth June 2021 

  • First in Set D _ Second in Set F (Glasgow)
  • First in Set E _ Third in Group A, B, C, or D (Dublin)


Quarterfinals will be hung on the second and third of July 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Munich, Baku, and Rome separately.

The Semi-Final 

Two matches will happen, elimination rounds first on sixth of July in the middle of the victor of quarter-last one and two. the subsequent elimination round happens on the seventh of July among the champ of quarter-last four and quarter last 3 every one of them will make an honest effort to acquire place In last.

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Victors of elimination round one and semi-last two will battle for the prize in London on the eleventh of July 2021.

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