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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Your Air Freight

When it comes to delivering your products abroad, you must take air freight services. So, you must ensure your products are well-packaged. A small mistake in their packaging damage them and result in an exchange or refund. In this blog, we will discuss common mistakes that businesses often make during preparing their airfreight.

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Overpacking must be avoided because transporting goods via air is expensive. The cost of shipment depends on the weight of your shipment and when you overpack your shipment, it increases the cost of the shipment.

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Pallet Overhang

You must avoid pallet overhanging while packing your goods. The pallet edges should touch each other. When they touch each other, your cargo will remain safe during transit. If pallets don’t stick with each other, they extend beyond the base when you try to arrange or rearrange goods. Overhanging pallets will crush your goods. To avoid this problem, you can keep your goods in many pallets. It will increase the shipping cost but will ensure the safety of goods.

Wrapping Pallet Incorrectly

You must wrap the pallet correctly. Proper wrapping will stabilize your cargo loads on pallets and eliminate the probability of damage to your goods. Thus, it will help you avoid financial loss as well as complaints from the customers.

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Wrong Pallets

Sending goods via air is expensive. Pallets protect your goods from damages and ensure the safe movement of the goods. When it comes to buying pallets, you have lots of options. We will forbid you to buy just any pallets, but the ones that provide maximum security. Consider four-way pallets which allow your shipment to be picked up from any side.

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Broken Pallets

You should consider pallets that can be reused and handle your cargo load. Using broken pallets damages your cargo and delays shipment delivery.

Avoiding these preparation mistakes can help you avoid bad experiences. So, do consider the ideas explained above to avoid issues with preparing your airfreight Singapore.