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Common Laundry Problems of Athletes

Athletes take pride in the team they represent, their sponsors, and their uniforms. Their uniforms become their identity when they are in the field or court. Today, athletes’ uniforms and workout clothes are made with synthetics.

Synthetic workout clothes and uniforms help the athletes perform best on any court or field. But at the end of the day, any athlete knows that these types of clothes have a downside: their unfavorable smell.

Well, it’s expected because they are soaked in sweat. However, how can you get rid of the filthy smell? No, you don’t have to throw away suitable apparel! Every laundry problem of athletes, there will be a solution.

You have to look for ways to keep your uniform and workout clothes fresh and clean. Here are some tips on how to solve the common laundry problems of athletes:

1.  Using the wrong laundry detergent.

Athlete uniforms and workout clothes are made from synthetic fibers. If you use the wrong laundry detergent for them, it will cause clogs on the fiber making our clothes have a foul smell. Moreover, do not put a lot of detergent.

Putting too much detergent or using harsh detergent will cause the fabric of your workout clothes to break down. The key to avoid this laundry problem is to use detergents that are for workout clothes and only use a sufficient amount of detergent.

2.  Adding fabric softener to wash load.

Do not add fabric softeners on a wash load full of workout clothes. It will ruin the sweat-wick and breathability feature of your clothes. Moreover, it will only clog bacteria and grime on the fibers causing skin irritation.

3.  Hanging workout clothes.

Constantly hanging your workout clothes with a hanger will leave a mark. A simple solution for this is to let them dry off on a plain surface. Care for your workout and uniform clothes to keep you comfortable during practices and games.

4.  Washing workout clothes with casual clothes.

Do not wash your workout clothes with casual clothes. Zippers, buttons, and other emblems on the casual clothes may cause abrasion on your workout clothes. However, if you wash your clothes at the home cleaning prospect heights, you may need to wash them together to save. Place them inside a mesh or cotton bag when washing.

5.  Putting them in a dryer.

The same when washing, separate your workout clothes and athlete uniform with regular clothes when drying. It is not best to pile them up in the dryer with other clothes. If you wish to use the dryer for your athlete clothes, it is best to set the dryer at a low temperature.

However, it’s never a good idea to hot dry your athlete and workout clothes. Dryer machines dry up the workout clothes real fast, you will not notice that it has damaged the fibers. Thus, it will shrink your workout clothes. Thus, it is best to air dry your clothes.

6.  Leaving them unattended.

Leaving your workout clothes unattended will only give the bacteria an opportunity to reproduce. Molds will form and the sweaty smell will become stubborn to remove. Thus, it is best to wash them right away after taking them out of your bag. If you cannot wash them immediately, air dry your workout clothes. Do not place them in the laundry hamper.

7.  Adding a fragrance on laundry load.

We don’t want to burst your bubble. But adding fragrance beads to mask the foul smell will not help. It will not remove the cause of the odor. Thus, your athlete clothes will still smell bad.

If the laundry detergent can’t entirely remove the smell, there’s an easy solution. Soak your athlete clothes in 1 part water and 6 part vinegar solution for an hour. It will eliminate the awful odor you are dealing with. After an hour, rinse the clothes twice to remove the vinegar smell.

Always follow these laundry tips to avoid these common laundry problems. Make it a habit to make your workout clothes last longer.

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