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Coinigy was created in 2014 by current CEO Robert Borden and President William Kehl as a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and portfolio tool. The headquarters of Coinigy are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Coinigy aims to make it easy to track and trade a wide range of cryptocurrency coins available on different exchanges. The platform is suitable for both novice and seasoned bitcoin traders.


Coinigy additionally runs ArbMatrix in addition to the trading platform’s normal features. This is a native software that displays trading pairings from several exchanges in a grid style, allowing investors to spot arbitrage possibilities fast. Users may track over 4,000 distinct trade pairs and coins using this function.

Coinigy is a cloud-based platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee from Google datacenters, according to the business. Furthermore, all user data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption, and all Coinigy requests pass via a certified and secure (ORG) SSL.


Accounts are originally available for a 30-day free trial period and include access to the portfolio, charts, and technical indicators. After the free trial period has expired, you must choose a subscription plan and a support plan to keep access (and the payment of a fee). Session durations are not limited in the professional edition. The monthly cost for the platform’s professional edition is determined by the length of time the account user commits to utilizing the service. A one-year commitment costs less than a month-to-month deal; monthly memberships range from $18.66 to $99.99. 3

Users of Coinigy have a variety of alternatives for getting customer assistance if they need it. From within their accounts, users may engage in live chat. Users can also contact the team by making a request through Coinigy’s website’s Support section. In addition, the Coinigy team has a Twitter account and a Facebook profile. Finally, the company’s website has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, as well as video materials via Coinigy’s YouTube channel.


Its “lack of popularity” must also be debunked, since it now has almost 29,000 active members, with nearly 18,000 new members joining in the previous several months. Coinigy’s effectiveness in allowing users to trade and acquire money on both low-cost and high-cost exchanges has also been praised in reviews. Coinigy, on the other hand, allows you to trade from numerous exchanges from its site using an api key, and it is completely secure. It also includes a number of technical analysis tools and maybe a hundred indicators to assist you in becoming a good trader.

So, you might ask, will I be able to generate money with this software? Yes. Will you be able to earn a lot of money? You’ve probably seen it advertised somewhere: how someone turned $200 into $70,000 in a year, or something along those lines. However, they aren’t the proper questions to be asking regarding Coinigy. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that it’s not a software for trading cryptocurrencies, but rather a tool that enables these trades and swaps, with the added benefit of increased security to safeguard you from terrible frauds that have instilled dread in the public.

So, if you’ve been considering going into the cryptocurrency auto-trading industry, I strongly advise you to use Coinigy. It’s always better to get out on the right foot with total confidence than to go on down the rocky road of tragedy despite being warned. Also, their top membership is only $19.99 per month, which I think is very reasonable for a product that may help you generate thousands of dollars each month. It’s the end of my coinigy review.

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