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Choosing a single website for betting online

Are you looking for the outlet to bet online and be successful at it? That is understandable, considering how many websites are becoming available to try out your luck on a daily basis. 

Lots of players use different sites for betting online, depending on the odds and offers. In case you think this could be a waste of time, that means that you’re looking for the IT page. Simply follow the link: for all the honest reviews on different online bookmakers. We are aware that it can all be confusing and it is always better to do a thorough research on payouts and winning statistics. 

Experienced online bookmaker

Doing research on your own can take lots of time. Time that some of us cannot afford. So, to save your time, we’ll mention a website that stands out in the field. 

Bet365 is a website with a long period of existence and an excellent track record. 

Their excellence is not only recognised by various gambling commissions in Europe, but also the players. Bet365 website is used by more than 6 million people all over the world on a daily basis. That also shows how serious Bet365 is, because they wouldn’t be able to keep said number of players if they didn’t take customers desires under consideration. 

Bet365 was initiated by a woman, Denise Coates in the year 2000, when nobody could have predicted the possibilities that would emerge in this area. 

What makes Bet365 stand out

Other than being launched by a woman, Bet365 is a proud owner of many firsts

While other online bookmakers devoted their attention to local sports and the ones covered in their time zone, Bet365 took it a step further. 

They were the first ones to offer betting possibilities on all the sports played in the whole world, covering all time zones. 

Bet365 was the first that started offering free bets to their regular and new customers. Free bets are a very popular offer and soon after other online bookmakers started using this trick. However Bet365 was the first. 

Customer service provided by Bet365 is another service other online bookmakers could try and match. They offer help to their players in 17 languages and 24/7, which says a lot. 

Also, you can bet online on in 29 different currencies. 

The massive growth of Bet365

Even though Bet365 was a small venture initiated by 3 family members, they are covered today in more than 200 countries in the world. Some people wonder how this business grows and spreads so much. The simplest answer is constant investments. Denise’s father, Peter Coates, born in utter poverty, never stopped investing in small businesses in their hometown Stoke-On-Trent up to a reputation Bet365 enjoys today. 

In 2005 Bet365 sold their land based shops, all 59 of them and focused exclusively on the online business. 

With this decision came many other novelties that only confirmed their reputation of a gambling giant. 

Online poker, mobile betting, lives streams and much more

To this day it is obvious to many that Bet365 has no intentions of slowing down. Denise and her father seem to understand exactly what their players want and they are more than happy to give it to them.

Bet365 was the first to launch their online poker offer on iPoker, a famous poker platform owned by Playtech. They even sponsored a few poker professionals. Today, the new players of poker stand to receive a welcome poker bonus of 1000 pounds. 

When all is considered, Bet365 really makes a difference on iPoker platform, but also offers playing poker on their mobile application. 

Which leads us to the mobile application made by Bet365, which stands out for its super fast times of loading, no delays present and simplicity of use. This app really makes betting online a child’s play. 

Bet365 is famous for the sheer amount of the sport events available for you to place a bet, excellent odds and live streams. Regarding live streams and other benefits you can enjoy upon registration, we highly recommend going through their T&C. Breaking one or more of the rules, like opening two different accounts per household, will get you banned. 

Bet365 website is regularly updated with various promotions and bonuses, so it’s definitely worth it logging in to check the novelties in this section. 

There are many reasons for you to try out the Bet365 website or mobile application. Casino games, Vegas, slot machines, endless list of sports events to bet on, amazing odds, user friendly interface…those are all the reasons we would certainly recommend registering on Bet365. 

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With such a wide palette of games and events, it is no wonder Bet365 is ‘world’s favourite online bookmaker’. 

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