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Carrom Game And Its Various Rules

Considered as one of the most interactive and fun-filled games, carrom is enjoyed by one and all. Moreover, with the advent of online applications and websites, the Carrom game can be enjoyed by players from anywhere using their smart devices. Like a Gamezy fantasy sports app, dedicated applications can enable players to play the game of carrom from the comfort of their homes that can be downloaded across a variety of smart devices. The need for the physical presence of players as well as equipment is eradicated which makes it easy for players to compete with one another from the comfort of their homes.

The carrom game has gained immense popularity among players of every age. Apart from dedicated tracks and shorts, one must be even aware of various rules concerned with the carrom game. These are as follows:

1. The initial setup:

Though the applications available online can easily perform the necessary setup of pieces on the board, however, one must be aware of the initial setting as well. The Queen coin/piece is placed in the center with the remaining pieces surrounding the same. A total of six pieces are arranged around the Queen with the remaining on the outer circle. Players are quiet to use a white striker to hit the pieces in such a way that these are pocketed into the nets placed in the corners of the board on all four sides. Online or application-based carrom games can perform the initial setting on their own. The main idea behind the game is to score the maximum points by striking the pieces into the nets.

2. Rules of striking the pieces:

Players are required to strike the pieces on the board with the help of a dedicated striker. However, the striker is required to be struck instead of pushing the same. No dragging is allowed. Moreover, the players must not touch the coloured pieces. Also, the striker can only be used in the forward direction.

3. Penalty for fouls:

A foul is committed by a player if the striker used for scoring a point goes into the pocket itself. In such a case a piece earned by a player is taken and placed on the board and the respective turn of the player is also taken away. Another way of committing a foul is striking a piece into the pocket without winning the Queen first.

The carrom rules mentioned above must be adhered to by all the players for improving their chances of winning. Carrom is considered to be one of the most popular games that simply require focus and practice. Dedicated applications are made available which can be downloaded on smart devices serving as the best option for individuals who wish to compete with fellow friends and competitors from their homes. Special tournaments are also organized that attract more and more players towards the carrom games. The option of earning real money is also made available for the players through such games. One can even make use of such online applications for improving their overall skills and practicing trick shots as well.