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Brisbane Yamaha Reviews The Quintrex 510 Hornet

Quintrex 510 Hornet is the Hornet’s largest model. It’s a serious angler’s boat, with 115 horsepower. The 510 Hornet Trophy will help you get there faster and stay out longer. At any of our three locations, you may get market-leading Yamaha 4 stroke power for your new Quintrex.

Are you thinking of buying a boat? When it comes to purchasing a boat for the first time, caution is advised. There are numerous models to pick from on the market. Today, though, we’ll go over all of the specs and features of the Quintrex 510 Hornet.

Quintrex 510 Hornet Review By Brisbane Yamaha

 The 510 Hornet is the largest in the Hornet line, and it’s designed for both tournament and sport fishermen, as well as recreational anglers. The Quintrex Eclipse V-Flared hull with 4mm bottom sides and the Fighter Series pickle fork bow is featured on this Hornet. The 510 now features a wider front casting platform and more storage area, making it one of the smoothest and driest rides of any boat. The 510’s front casting platform has plenty of storage for all your tournament tackle and gear, as well as the anchor well, room for twin Minnkota batteries, and room for an Esky or a kill tank, which many fishermen convert to.

Why choose Quintrex Hornet

Quintrex 510 Hornet is quite a strong aluminum boat that has a strong corrosion resistance, making it suited for both types of fresh, salty, and saline water situations. As a result, aluminium is the ideal material for shipbuilding and maritime applications including such military patrol ships and high-speed ferries. There is a thin oxide coating on this boat that forms upon that metal when it is released into the atmosphere is responsible for its corrosion resistance. The aluminium coating, unlike typical steel, is well linked to the metal and inhibits further oxidation.

The Hornet Range of Quintrex has officially become the most popular range. It has a great storage and cast deck space are key features of the New Stealth Hornet. The New Stealth range has 30 percent more storage and a longer front casting platform. If it isn’t enough, the backcasting platform folds over the fixed chairs, thereby doubling the rear casting deck. With a 4mm bottom and 3mm sides, this boat is extremely strong and long-lasting. With three fold-up cleats, you won’t have to worry about tangled lines or stubbed toes when fishing, and you’ll have plenty of room to walk from end to end.


Quintrex has released three new models with the redesigned Apex hull. This hull is poised to once again change the boating industry. Even if hundreds of thousands of people are interested, finding a used item will be difficult. Because they are so simple and adaptable, everyone who has a small amount in the shed will maintain it. Quintrex’s marketing and boat teams collaborated to redesign Quintrex 510 Hornet for small mice and grey nomads with this in mind.