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Must-Haves: 7 Best Selling Legendary Cartier Tank Watches

When we say precision, endurance, and high-quality products, the French brand Cartier is one of the top luxury brands for watches and jewelry. For over 100 years in the industry of watchmaking, Cartier has been the go-to store of watch enthusiasts and collectors. Cartier, founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, now has over 200 stores all over the world. Cartier has a long and storied history of selling to royalty, earning the company the moniker “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.” That’s not it. Cartier is also famous for its Tank watch collections. must-haves

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After World War I, Louis-François Cartier designed classic timepieces inspired by World War I tanks. The Cartier Tank classic watches are beautiful and innovative, with design aesthetics continually updated and modified throughout time. These classic timepieces are must-haves for watch enthusiasts and collectors, so get your hands on these Cartier Tank watches. We recommend these 7 Cartier Tank classic watches that you should buy.

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1.  Tank Louis Cartier watch

The Tank Louis Cartier could be the watch for you if you prefer a watch that fits you proportionally. Tank Louis Cartier comes in three different variants, each with its own set of features. In 1997, Louise Cartier wanted a watch that would define the shape of a new watch by the precision of line. The casing of this watch is 18K pink gold or yellow gold, with a sapphire cabochon set braided crown. The large model, hand-wound mechanical movement in rose gold, is one of the best-selling Tank Louis Cartier watches.

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2.  Tank MC watch

The Tank MC watch is good for people who want a robust and elegant type of watch. The “MC” stands for “Manufacture Cartier” and corresponds to the watch’s caliber 1904 MC automatic movement. The excellence of its 1904 MC automatic movement, developed by the Cartier Manufacture, is apparent through the clear sapphire case back. The watch has an eye-catching dial that sets it apart from the rest of the models. The dial is rectangular and features black Roman numerals and blue hands.

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3.  Tank Must de Cartier watch

The Cartier Tank watches are not only for men but also for women. If you’re a lady looking for a watch that suits you well, the Tank Must de Cartier is the watch for you. The Tank Must de Cartier watch is available in several different colors: red, blue, and black. This year, the Cartier Tank Must series will release new watches that include brighter versions in burgundy, blue, and green, as well as a range of enhanced features and movements.

4.  Tank Américaine watch

If you want a subtly elegant watch, assess the Tank Américaine, which has an elongated case and playful geometry. Cartier launched the Tank Américaine watch in 1989, which received love from watch enthusiasts and collectors. The Cartier Tank Americaine automatic silver dial lady’s watch is a small, stylish, and appealing wristwatch. It has a distinctive white dial with roman numerals and blue hands. The blue hands come along with the navy blue leather strap, which ensures both comfort and elegance.

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5.  Tank Cintrée watch

The Tank Cintrée is Cartier’s most well-known Tank watch. Since its first release, this famous Tank watch has become a fan favorite. The Tank Cintrée watch is a design act with seismic ramifications. It represents the perfect union of technical excellence and geometrical style in 1916. For almost a century, the famous Tank watch was a symbol of modern watchmaking. Cartier reinterpreted the Tank while staying true to the concept of the one-of-a-kind watches.

6.  Tank Asymétrique watch

Choose the Tank Asymétrique watch if you want a watch with one-of-a-kind features. The Tank Asymétrique watch is the second most well-known Cartier Tank watch. This watch has a dial that has been rotated 30 degrees to the right and does not include Cartier’s traditional Roman numerals, which allows the user to easily read the time. The latest Asymétrique watch features a manual-winding Manufacture 1917 MC movement and a case available in pink gold with a grey dial; yellow gold with a champagne dial; or platinum with a silver dial.

7.  Tank Française watch

Do you like a watch that can build and boost your confidence? Then go for the Cartier Tank Française watch. This watch is a sophisticated combination of strength and beauty. The basic design consists of a rectangular case and a dial and brilliant diamonds on the sides that add a luxurious effect. Not only that, but the dark blue takeover in the dial adds to the solver scheme. The blue sword-shaped hands glide smoothly across the minute track that covers them.

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These Cartier Tank watches virtually single-handedly established wristwatches as a stylish trend. The Tank series’ straight lines are as attractive and lasting now as they were almost a century ago when the collection launched in 1918. These only show that Cartier Tank watches are worth your money. You can get these legendary timepieces at, where you can find other Cartier watches.

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